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Darkfall NA sever, forums, website all down, April 7/2011

SalengerSalenger Pottageville, ONPosts: 546Member Uncommon

Anyone know what is going on?


Just tried logging into game, could not establish connection then tried forums and even main site all down?  Hosting service shutdown?


  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXPosts: 385Member Uncommon

    The same thing just happend to me so im assuming your right. Getting off from work early is meaningless if I cant even play hopefully it gets fixed asap!


  • HipsterHipster St Charles, MOPosts: 69Member

    They posted earlier that they were putting through a couple hotfixes today if I remem correctly.

  • Agent_SleepAgent_Sleep Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1Member

    Yah I saw the msg at server down - saying patch (2 hours etc).....


    patch must of effed up the server now for it to be down this long...

  • AzdulAzdul GdanskPosts: 440Member

    It was probably DNS problem.

    Server was up, my friends were playing, but I couldn't log in, or see the forums.

    Now everything works.

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