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Questing vs Grinding?

professerprofesser melbourne, FLPosts: 102Member

When I first tried this game I saw it was rather heavily quest based, at early levels, which really turned me off.

Does the progression become more grind-based as you get higher in level? Like, you get so many quests but you still need to go out grinding/grouping to get your level up? Oh also, and is the pvp later on involve much open world stuff?


I like to avoid quests, but I want a good f2p grinder that has good open world pvp.



  • adiktusadiktus Frankfort, INPosts: 128Member

    Well, you can grind your way up, although it's usually faster to do quests. Haha. lol You're quite a rarity. Many people usually hate grinding.

    Although Aika does require some grinding, especially at higher levels.


  • professerprofesser melbourne, FLPosts: 102Member

    I've run so many pointless quests over all these years. I cant be bothered to run around and perform more random errands for some jerk-off NPC. Terrible game design imo. I'd rather grind my xp up to play in a solid PvP enviorment than be some NPC's errand boy.


    So does the game become more grind based later on? Help me out... sooner or later I'm just going to end up subbing to Lineage II again.

  • adiktusadiktus Frankfort, INPosts: 128Member

    Yeah. Many people choose to grind at higher levels.


  • professerprofesser melbourne, FLPosts: 102Member

    Ehh, nvm. I'd rather just play Lineage II.

  • PalladinPalladin Atlanta, GAPosts: 430Member Uncommon

    You would rather griond the quest.....fine grindyour heart out noones gona stop you. Nothing says you have to do quest s to lvl.

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  • WhiteSwanWhiteSwan Izturiama, KYPosts: 14Member

    yeah better to grind your quest.. i've played lots of game that is a pure grinding.... then i realize that i'm like being a bot, continue to grind all the time....

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