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How Gpotato ruined the game called Aika

hardgameshardgames MarikinaPosts: 71Member

I've read a lot of forum topics and threads about Aika not only here in mmorpg but also in other forum sites and I noticed one similarity: Gpotato ruined Aika's name.

If only the forums will segregate Aika US from Aika Korea, Aika Global and other Aikas, I think we will see this more clearly. I mean in many of the threads I've seen, people are complaining about their IPs getting banned without proper notice, the GMs and forum moderators are either non-existent or rude, lots of bugs, and all other complaints. All of which refer to Aika US.

The sad thing is, all versions are labeled as Aika in most forums. As such, all the other versions are sometimes viewed negatively even if it's just Aika US' fault. This is the reason why I hate Gpotato so much. They just don't do anything right, do they?

I mean I love Aika Global. Aika Global I think is exactly the opposite of Aika US. The GMs are VERY friendly. One of the friendliest in fact among all games. And they are always there. And then I will see bad reviews and low scores for Aika simply because they tried the US version and it sucks. On the other hand, most of the positive reviews are for Aika Global and yet Aika US is also dragged up.

I know it is inconvenient to separate all the versions of all games... but it's just sad how gpot EPICLY FAILED and how it somehow affects the very good performance of t3fun in handling Aika Global.

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  • QuasiRainQuasiRain N/A, COPosts: 125Member

    Yeah, I remember that. They just suddenly announce "We're IP blocking all non-North Americans!"


    Then BOOM! Outrage and PKing EVERYWHERE! I was questing in the mountains after the desert that time, so nobody was PKing me. XD


  • Rockgod99Rockgod99 Manhatten, NYPosts: 4,640Member
    Aika is actually a pretty cool game. Don't know about the ip blocking but inwould assume if it's called "Aika US" then it would be strictly for north Americans. Anyway anyone interested in a fun f2p pvp game try it out... Even if you play in North America.


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  • SergeantHamSergeantHam melbPosts: 3Member

    so global is better ?Idk which to play D:

  • BMoorBMoor Boston, MAPosts: 202Member

    You can only legitimately play the version of Aika that is published for your region.  For example, if you live in North America, you can only play with gPotato's Aika as Global Aika will block you.  If you  live in Southeast Asia, then you'll have to wait for Aika SEA as you will be blocked from all the other versions.

  • ReaverFijianReaverFijian mountain view, CAPosts: 1Member

    Great game, I really enjoy the pve questiong aspects as well as pvp.  Players are able to do solo dungeons which helps to speed up the questing process so you are not sitting there for hours looking for a group to do a dungeon.  They hold lots of exp events and are helpful to the players.  I would recomment this game to any mmo player that enjoys pvp :)

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