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Ally Codes Thread



  • laleblaleb coopersville, MIMember Posts: 215

    Wife is interested in this game so if anyone has a code please post or send me. Let me know that way if there is a recruitment bonus and I do get her an account you can get the bonus. 

  • Baio2kBaio2k Denver, COMember Posts: 162 Uncommon

    Here's 5 More, US if it matters.



  • shane242shane242 birminghamMember Posts: 91 Uncommon

    I tryed all the keys, can sombody PM me one if they still have. i have the client already.



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  • joshman2934joshman2934 Morton Grove, ILMember Posts: 2

    Here is a EU Key HR6W-MEYX-29YZ-LQYL-XZGN

    Here is a NA Key XTXK-EJYY-JJ39-WMEN-QT29


    There is plenty more at

  • kftauruskftaurus Chicago, ILMember Posts: 36 Uncommon

    Looking for a key still as well, if you could pm me would really appreciate it, been on the border of buying this game since release but have been anxiously waiting a trial, unfortunately my work stopped me from getting a key at curse, so hoping someone still has one they would be willing to part with. Thanks in advance!

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  • jpnolejpnole Tampa, FLMember Posts: 1,668 Uncommon
    Six month sub founder here. Never got my ally code. Was looking forward to giving it to a friend. Oh and yes I check my junk mail folder meticulously. It never came.
  • AmanaAmana New York, NYModerator Posts: 3,912 Uncommon

    Since the Ally Code event is now over, I'm going to lock this thread. Please direct all key requests for Rift to the stickied thread at the top of the forum. But be patient right now, as Trion hasn't released more yet. 

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