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Pros & Cons

lildarkklildarkk SydneyPosts: 31Member

Well, since this game is still in Open Beta, there probably aren't too many pros and probably more cons so, don't rely on this thread too much. kay?


-Fun pvp

-Lots of different modes to play ( Quiz mode, Sky battle, Grand Arena, Dungeons, PVP, Colosseum )

-No spam bots (yet)

-Arcade style game play 8D

-LOTS OF PVP MODES ! ( Including, normal pvp, tag team, soccer, volleyball, jump jump, gem catch, boss battle, few more which I forgot)

-Unique character cards

-Equips don't matter in PVP, only pure skill

-NO ITEM MALL.. yet.



-Cap is at level 30 which is easy to get to --' ( it will be raised soon apparently)

-There aren't enough quests to do

-Lagging is a no no in pvp

-No one wants to join the grand arena

-Inventory gets filled easily because banker isn't available yet

-Annoying bugs

-Not a lot of character customization

-Most of the population are one character.. (kang)


There is probably more but I forgot.



  • GunMob23GunMob23 AthensPosts: 3Member

    Wow nice review good job! hope mini fighter would make a daily cash event XD

    Death to us all!

  • AnimeiAnimei Amusiro, INPosts: 13Member

    What makes Mini Fighter Online really unique is that the game can be played as both an ‘MMO’ and MMORPG. Players can opt to never leave the game’s PvP ‘battle room’ and never have to fight monsters outside of town, instead leveling up and gaining equipment just by fighting against other players. On the other hand, players can go ahead and beat the crap out of monsters outside of town and run through dungeons in standard MMORPG fashion to gain equipment and level up. Personally, I did a little bit of both, and I’m sure that’s what most people will do. Mini Fighter really does have a fully fleshed-out MMORPG system, as well as a fun room based PvP system, and since both reward users with XP and items players can pick how they want to progress in the game. Players can distribute the skill points they earn when leveling up amongst a handful of skills. These skill points allow players to control the growth of their character. If you tend to throw more kicks than punches, allocate skill points to enhance your kicking damage. Use one skill more than another? Dump your points there.

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