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GW2 huge disappointment



  • SasamiSasami HelsinkiPosts: 326Member

    Originally posted by Mad-E-Fact

    Well that sounds a lot like AoC. You can dodge or sprint that drains your fatigue bar, you have active blocking, you have shields that you can adjust, weapons have an arc that hits whatever is in it. Most of the stuff is for pvp though, you get through the normal game just fine without it.

     I don't think GW2 has AoC shield system since there is no swing directions. Again atleast I haven't seen those demoed or actively talked. But that's not big problem for me since I find shield system annoying in the end, too much micromanagement while trying to move alot in combat.

  • SasamiSasami HelsinkiPosts: 326Member

    Originally posted by Warband

    On the converse side without it means movement is totally and utterly useless, all projecticles are homing missiles that can't be dodged. Player interaction is almost nonexistant as the same set of botoms are used in repetition with little to no variety. Essentially the game plays itself and you don't even need to be their. 

     You can dodge them using dodge skill, but atleast at the moment you can't do it that often. You can use enviroment to block LoS. More tank classes have skills to block mobs movement. You need to move if you are weak ranged guy if some strong mob starts to target you. Probaply you would use dodge skill to try get away or behind obstacle so ranged couldn't hit you. We seen mobs doing flames on ground and using huge kickbacks, so you must move alot. I'm just saying that it's not that dramatic change from WoW/EQ style games.

  • ANIMEniac540ANIMEniac540 Atlanta, GAPosts: 4Member

    part of the reason i am SO excited for this game is that my first "MMO" was Phantasy Star Online. now we can argue it wasent a mmo or not, but it was large, multiplayer, and online... so its atleast a LMO :P


    but i digress, PSO has active combat like a hack and slash, and that has been out since 2001. i was wondering when open world mmo's would be able to adopt this, because running away from a bear, to have it "slap" me from 15 feet away is obnoxious. i love the idea of sidestepping an attack and IT MISSING.


    as far as the OP is concerned though. i HIGHLY doubt you are dissapointed in GW2, in order to be dissapointed in something you would have to have had hopes for it, and i can CLEARLY tell that you NEVER wanted to like GW2 or have it be successful. you just want SW:TOR to be ontop and "know" that you made the "right" or "superior" choice. it all comes down to you trying to proove yourself right to a group of people you know you can get into a flame war with, and pretend to act cool and indifferent to people's retaliations of a game they are ACTUALLY looking foward to.


    oh and yes this is my first post here.. thought i would rob you of flaming me for that b4 you got a chance too ^_^


    TLDR: i like GW2, it reminds me of what PSO was, H8rs gunna H8 ^_^

  • NoficNofic Fresno, CAPosts: 59Member

    I don't get it

    You're posting about how bad this game is, that you haven't played because....?

    You want people to know you won't be playing?

    You don't want other people to play?

    You have too much time on your hands?

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  • pedrostrikpedrostrik lisboaPosts: 388Member Uncommon

    OP told teleportation its a very annoying part of GW2 but its there cause i think it gives your precious time only to play not to loose 30 secs or more on the same travels over and over, come on this game its made to enjoy, as arena net told before.

  • madeuxmadeux SLC, UTPosts: 1,786Member

    Originally posted by Loke666

    Uh, moving and fighting at the same time is something you see a lot?
    You are of course right to be dissapointed but not on a game that isn't even in beta yet.
    Shesh, soon you'll post a link to the cinematic video of WoDO and say it looks the same as well just based on that.
    You can't judge a unreleased game on a few videos. First of all is it very possible that the graphics were turned down to increase performance. 
    GW2 have a lot of new things in it, saying anything else is BS.
    If it is fun, particularly in the long run is a different thing but someone who hasn't even played the 30 mins demo have rather little clue if a game is good or not.

    Are you referring to the pre-rendeded cienematic with the flowing dress that is sooooooooo not in-game footage?  Or is there a different one?

  • AKASlaphappyAKASlaphappy Boise, IDPosts: 800Member

    Originally posted by Sasami

    A.) It's not really. It's just bit different since there is no taunts, aggro isn't typical bar system and there is more "oh shit" skill. Anet never has claimed its interactive.
    B.) This is pretty much same as all current games. No you can't dodge arrows, you need to use "dodge" skill. It's not same as FPS has which is true dodging. All ranged is calculated same way as games are doing now. Again people seem to miss dodging with real dodging.
    C.) Haven't seen any videos that would go against this or confirm this.
    D.)  No you don't. Don't make it sound like FPS because it's not. You still have auto target for ranged and melee just like any other game. You still need to look skill bars and "mana" bars so you can use best possible skills for situation.
    E.)  Again look videos. Only rogue can do 10 dodges per fight, others are limited to as little as 4. Dodging is more like "oh shit it's attacking me" style skill, most games are full of those nowdays. The point is quickly move away and hope some other player gets aggro.


    A.)   What he meant by the game being more interactive is that it relies on position more than other MMOs have. And yes Anet has said in their demo more than a few times that it is positional.


    B.)    Yes you can dodge arrows Anet has said this numerous times! At any time you can use the WSAD keys to do a dodging roll.  Here is a video; where ANet at 3:55 into the video specifically says you can dodge arrows. Also here is a video where Anet at 7:51 talks about the fact that there is no auto attack because they want the combat in GW2 to require more interaction with the player then the typical MMO.



    C.)    Well here is a link to the warrior skills videos, which has in game footage of a warrior blocking fire with his shield. Watch the shield stance video.


    D.)   Yes combat is positional, this game does not have auto target like console FPS games.  The skill that you set to auto attack with your right mouse button is the closes this game comes to having auto target. Here is a video; watch the Guardian at 3:57 he uses a skill against the oakheart and turns and the skill completely misses the targeted Mob. Here is another video, watch the Elementalist at 2:04 he uses some lighting skills against the Moa and it completely misses because the mob is out of the range of the spell. The skills in this game are affected by the direction you turn and your position in reference to the mob, so like I said your position matters. This game does not tell you that the target is out of range, this game does not auto face you to the mob so you will not miss when you use a skill.


    E.)    I think you are talking about skills that move your character and not the dodge that all characters can use. Yes the Thief has a lot of abilities that move your character away from your attacker, but on top of that you can still use the WSAD keys to do a dodging roll. From the info we have got from the people that played at PAX west and gamescom last year, each dodging roll costs 10% of your energy. Hence why it was said that we might be able to get 10 dodges off, that is of course with a full energy bar. Notice in the Video I linked where Anet talks about doging arrows the character does a rolling dodge but does not use any of its skills. That is the dodge we are talking about here. And just for your info most MMOs do not have this ability in them, this is an active dodge that the player uses, it is not based on a statistic. Of course we do not know for sure how this is going to play at launch Anet might make dodging use more or less energy to balance the game. The only thing we do know for sure is that playing defensively will use more energy than playing offensively.



    Also I do not mean to be offensive here, but you really should know the facts about something before you come on to a forum and correct what someone else says. The only thing you accomplished here was to spread disinformation! The information I provided to correct what you said in this post, you could have learned by going through the all we know about GW2 sticky at the top of this Forum. So please people do some research before you come into a thread and make claims that are easily confirmed as false.

  • RameiArashiRameiArashi Lincoln, NEPosts: 293Member

    I know I posted this somewhere before, teleporting everyone was for the demo to make it easier to get around in the time allowed.  In the acutual game the way points will be locked until players actually approach them on foot.  Sometimes in the demos you could see an announcment about a way point being unlocked but in fact the demo had all available way points already unlocked.  And teleporting isn't free, there's a small fee for it.  Not real money of course.

    Everyboy needs to keep in mind a demo is not the final game.


  • Elox1Elox1 Kamloops, BCPosts: 211Member

    I'm reserving judgement until the game releases, but as of now there's a lot of things that I'm excited about.


    *No more standard questing, Dynamic events instead.  (I don't like to use the word revolutionary, but this completely changes the way you advance your character outside of dungeons or PvP.)

    *World Vs. World PvP and you can advance your character completely within PvP.  (Another game changer allowing you to advance completely within PvP if you like.)

    *Cross profession combos.  (Never really been done in other MMO's, very cool and doesn't even require partying to make it work)

    *Character scales to the zone you are in.  (This completely changes the way you view areas you would have normally outleveled to make them still provide a challenge/reward.)

    *Dynamic events and enemies/bosses out in the world all scale for the amount of players.  (Another great example of keeping content challenging and rewarding.)

    *Dodging in combat and Positional combat.  (Adds skill to combat which in an MMO is much appreciated.)

    *No Trinity.  (I find this very appealing if they pull it off)

    *Downed State.  (Should make for some exciting comebacks)

    *Graphics/Art.  (This is mostly subjective, but the award winning art/graphics style of GW2 has been very well received and awarded, and I personally can't wait to see it in action in person)

    There's a few other things I'm really looking forward to, but if at this point you still think GW2 is nothing special then I can't imagine what game is.  I'm not saying GW2 will be a guaranteed success, but it is very ambitious and "revolutionary" within the genre and I can't wait to see how it pans out.

  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

    Id like to correct the poster above.

    Its world vs world vs world!!!


    So like...three worlds!!  3 is muuuuuchhh better than 2! @_@

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  • KanethKaneth Posts: 2,200Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Castillle

    Id like to correct the poster above.
    Its world vs world vs world!!!
    So like...three worlds!!  3 is muuuuuchhh better than 2! @_@

    Three is so much better than two, it makes things a little less predictable.

    I miss the Thidranki BG in DAoC.

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