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New but old player returning needs advice

belerobelero nederland, TXPosts: 1Member
Hello all,

Im gonna start up ffxi once the servers are returned. Im looking for info on what server is good to start on, and has a healthy pop. Also would like to hook up with a linkshell that's active and takes on new players. I have played before but only got to mid 20s and started taking hours to find a group and that's the only reason I quit. Im looking to play as a corsair
which race should I start as and what city?


  • ZinefriZinefri Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 34Member

    In a month or so when the server merges occur pretty much every server will have high population. So that's little trouble.


    Race doesn't really matter much in FFXI, just pick the one you won't mind looking at for a long time. City isn't a big deal either. Pick the one you're gonna want to be in a long time. As a loose trend, Windurst usually has high japanese residents, Bastok has high American residents, and San d'Oria usually has the most players period. They have always been the more dominant start nation for some weird reason.


    Once you register and get your login info I'd suggest you go to the official forums new player forum here.

    Then you can ask people for help or find a LS before you start.

  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Winston, PAPosts: 1,102Member Uncommon

    For a corsair, I'd go Mithra or Hume.

    It's been a while since I played as well. I came back just before earthquake so I'm still quite rusty.

    You want a class with favorable stats for the class you like.

    Tarutaru are best for mp classes, of couse.

    Galka and Elven are the best tanks.

    Mithra, Hume, and to a lesser extent Elv are middle classes. Mithra is higher on dex and agi iirc and hume is just pretty good (but not great) at anything.

    Of course you won't be a corsair for a while, as you'll need to get some subjobs going, get to at least level 30 (with a PL escort) or much higher to safely do the quest.

    lol... only reason I'm going back is because my char is still alive. I couldn't bear to reroll in that game.

    Spec'ing properly is a gateway drug.
    12 Million People have been meter spammed in heroics.

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