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ShowREQ - See what you've been missing!

MikeJHenryMikeJHenry Portland, ORPosts: 5Member

Version 1.5 Features

  • See Level, Current/Max HP and Mana for both Players and MOBs!

  • Full Detailed Resizable Maps for every Zone!

  • See your exact location coordinates and distance to target!

  • Assasins and Shadow Hunters are circled in red while in stealth!

  • See where Avenger traps have been placed and avoid them!

  • See ToS, Totems, Summons and Ground AoE!

  • No client modifications required! Just install and go!

  • Supports United/Party so you only see your opponents!

  • See it all in REAL TIME!

Check out the demo at Wicked Minds Electronics!

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ShowREQ Free Trial Version Virus Report - VirusTotal Report


  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,394Member Rare

    Looks useful, but also looks easy to abuse.  Needless to say using such an app that is not first approved by Gravity will risk account loss.

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