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Does anyone know a game like Dark Ages?

LyannaLyanna Toronto, ONPosts: 5Member

Hey! I'm looking for a game as close as possible, but FREE.

Help, anyone?

Needs to be FREE and LIGHT! Thank you!



  • AmaraoAmarao Denver, COPosts: 650Member

    The game is Endless Online.


  • ElvendarElvendar Glen Burnie, MDPosts: 12Member

    Originally posted by Amarao

    The game is Endless Online.

    Despite their best efforts to make a game that would be better than DA, it's really terrible, and has no story to it at all.

    @OP: Dark Ages has now been released with free play for levels 1-99, so you can enjoy it all you want.

  • FaituFaitu BrasPosts: 90Member

    Ah, I'm trying to find a game like that. Unfortunately, I guess I'll have to wait a long while, because most of the MMORPGs today are the same, they just have different names.


    Well, considering that despite of the old levels/stat restrictions the limitations are almost all the same, I can't say it's that enjoyable to play it for free. In my opinion the fun of this game lies exactly in this limited area, many may disagree with me though.

  • VitFalkVitFalk UppsalaPosts: 6Member

    Nowadays Dark Ages is all free to lvl 99. (It's still this way you can't do all quests as an unregistred, but most of them. And rogues cannot polish if they're unreg. But it is a lot more free than it used to be.)

    After you rech lvl 99 you cannot get anymore experience, so if you want to hunt more and become a master you should continue with a registration.

  • xiongkunxiongkun singaporePosts: 1Member

    if im not mistaken this game was the 1st mmorpg in 1999.... the max of the lvl was 99 but thats not the end of the game...

    when u reach lvl 99 u still need to hunt and gain EXP and could do a quest to change ur points to increase ur character hp or mp....

    theres too many things to do in Darkages... like being a "guard , judge , ect " by getting votes from other players...

    u also can join religion... there was 4 to 6 god in this game and could gain faith by attending by a prist player.... but compare to other games  today it wasnt that fun anymore....its worthy to try playing this game if u can accept the poor graphic... 

    it was a very nice game but i wasnt sure about any changes anot... 


    gd luck if u wanna try this game

  • sfly2000sfly2000 GothenburgPosts: 168Member

    You could try Neverwinter Nights 1 (see my sig).

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