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Priston Tale 2 - Town lag is extremely bad... Otherwise a very good game...

WorfWorf Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 264Member

Due to TOO many shops in each major town... Even with Selling Players NOT displayed, the town lag is absolutely TOO HIGH!

The PT2 Developer need to take a note from MANY online games that have FIXED this issue by using something like the Terminals for Buying and Selling like in Star Wars Galaxies.

The Experience loss is WAY too high when your character dies.

I ran over 1/2 of a map with a mob on my tail... NORMALLY without the horrendous lag the Mob would release in 5 to 10 seconds instead of sticking to your character. Was almost to the town but died just before the freaking bridge in the town.

Sadly I had the RUN key held the WHOLE time, yet the lag caused my character NOT to be able to run away.


I don't agree with the OPEN PVP in certain areas... they should allow us that HATE PK'ing to automatically disallow getting PK'ed.

I like the way that the PVP is done in Fly for Fun / Free (FLYFF) where BOTH sides must agree to PK and ONLY in certain arenas... not in areas where you are fighting mobs to level up.


PT2 is a decent game with a LOT of quests... most MMORPG's give up on quests by level 40 or so. Was able to town portal to a different starting town then did those quests to help my character level faster.

It would be helpful if the Finished Quests would tell you WHICH map to find the NPC to turn in the Finished Quests.

PT2 has 3 starting towns for the original 2 races and the 1 new race.

The graphics are absolutely stunning. The Skill Effects and the Mobs are beautiful done / rendered.

The game plays very well except for the occasional server lag which seems to be "felt" by all players at the same time.

Occasionally you get disconnected when switching maps and everything is gray... They need to fix it and tell you that you have lost connection to the server.... instead of just sitting in the game trying to figure out what happened.


NPC store prices are way way too high when purchasing items and way way too low when selling items to the NPC stores!

You almost have to waste a lot of time farming when you SHOULD be leveling... just to upgrade items every 10 levels or so.

This is a big downside to an otherwise well done game.


I liked the Portal System better in Priston Tale 1 where you used dropped "mob crystals" and traded them to the "Portal Master" if you will... then you could use the portals up to your level... If you tried to buy a portal beyond your level range, that was disallowed.

The World Map is not yet working... that would be helpful in the long run.

Yes I know this is an Open Beta that is a work in progress.

This game has a LOT of potential!


P. S.

Suba Games link seemingly will say "Coming Soon" forever it seems... The GamerKraft link in this set of forums is the ONLY way that I was able to play this game again.

Strange part is back in the CLOSED Beta (received E-mail Invitation to join), we NON-European players were allowed in the Servers. I received the OPEN Beta Invitation too... Only to find out this game was ONLY European after 2 freaking days of trying to get into the server.

I don't agree with inviting someone to PLAY in an OPEN Beta to get their hopes up then out and out LIE to us.

If a GAME is Country Restricted that should have been stated UP FRONT instead of pissing us NON-European players off.

I played PT1 and enjoyed it up until like level 82 on my archer when the level grind became too steep to continue.

So I was anxious to play PT2!

Hope this post helps get the problems with the game fixed.


- Software Developer of over 32 years

- Software Gamer for over 30 years



  • acromaacroma Fort Bragg, CAPosts: 2Member

    The reason you were invited to the closed beta is because they knew they "Might" be able to open a server that NA players could join, they have and it's smooth. I haven't noticed to much lag. 


    This City Shop Lag you speak of is because nearly all games are coded to render players/player code with the CPU. If your CPU isn't at least 3.0Ghz or a multi core CPU you are going to run into huge amounts of lag under heavy player loads. This is the nature of MMO's atm.

    Once game developers have a way to offload that work to the GPU MMO's will be in a much better place.



    ePT Alpha tester.

  • hardjeffhardjeff Reno, NVPosts: 5Member

    Maybe your system have not met the requirments needed for this game but i doubt it even so your not missing anything for this game is not that good.

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