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Your First MMO Love



  • porkypriestporkypriest RoskildePosts: 4Member

    the first MMO that i've played is WOW... i know there are a lot of negative feedbacks for this game but without this game i would not be interested in MMOs as a whole.

  • demented669demented669 ...- - -..., ONPosts: 402Member

    Asheron's beta event, the world's sky turned red and little fire elementals fell to the earth then the beta was over and i had to wait for the game to be sold in stores no Digital DL back then ya im OLD !  that beta gave me a tast  for MMOrpg that i could not wait for it's release! so i got EQ  and got hooked for a few years then the best news my favorite space movie is going to be made into a MMO !!  i ran out and got the game as soon as i could. SWG  was just what i wanted i fell in love and even loved it  more then  any fantasy MMO  even the CU was fun, for me i know lots of vets hated it but it  made pvp more fun for me and less for the vets that had some great mind dot items, then just sadness and Hate for $oe when the Nge.... now i am a lonly man on a road looking for that magic game ...

  • MagicStarMagicStar OC, CAPosts: 380Member

    To tell you the real truth, my very first MMO love was the very old Jumpgate t hat was released almost 10 years ago.

    The reason why of that, is that MMO I used to play was very different from out of all the other ones. Instead of point and clicking to engage your enemy, you actually had to aim for the target or something, along with first person being the main view for playing. You not only had to use real life skill to aim, but to manuver the ship, especially the ones that are full of cargo. In Jumpgate, bigger ships with bigger guns do not determine the outcome of a pvp combat battle.. or even against an AI alien ship.

    That's what got me hooked back then.

    Eventhough I did fly in a PvP squad, I was unfortunately acting like an immature player which was like 8 years ago.

    However, due to many bad decisions by Netdevil, it has caused this game to lose a lot of popularity. Even as a retro style MMO as of today, it's still buggy. And a matter of fact, the company just layed off the only person who works on this game and the client/server is still buggy, there's nobody to take care of the game, not worth going to at the moment.

    To me, a First Person MMO set in space, using your real life skills to aim, with open PvP, and hundreds of players online with some of them doing non-PvP combat stuff was just a once in a life time opportunity. It probably won't happen again unless someone does it right.

    When I stopped playing this game(because of a patch that turned me off, not when it lost popularity at first), I simply just stopped getting in the MMO gaming because there was no game like that I mentioned.

    So I do check every once in a while to see if there's a perfect MMO like that. 

    Give me lights give me action. With a touch of a button!

  • odinsrathodinsrath louisville, KYPosts: 814Member Uncommon

    org. eq before all the expan started hitting the door ...shadowbane was my 1st love in reguards of pvp mmonothing else has even came close imo ..but i didnt play UO

  • RoxetteRoxette ZwollePosts: 56Member Uncommon
    My MMO's in the order I played them :

    1. Guild Wars (still play it sometimes)
    2. City of Heroes (played 1 year)
    3. Second Life (not a real MMO)(played it 3 years)
    4. Lotro (played it 1 year)
    5. Age of Conan (played it 1.5 years)
    6. Aion (still playing it since the official launch)

    In future I will play:

    1. Guild Wars 2
    2. Tera

    Played: Guild Wars, AoC, Lotro, CoH, Warhammer, Tabula Ras, Spellborn, Second Life, Rift, Aion, Tera.
    Playing: Guild Wars 2, WoT

  • SEANMCADSEANMCAD Houston, TXPosts: 13,206Member Epic

    The first MMO I played was actually a bit of a let down. I started late in the MMO craze because I spent most of my gaming life in single player games.

    I just came off of player Morrowind and thought I would try this 'multiplayer' RPG thing out. EQ2 just came out. Some said try WoW but I thought, 'no it looks like a cartoon not that intrested actually' so I tried EQ2 instead.

    Well I was instantly disapointed, compared to my experience in Morrowind in EQ2 I could not go where I wanted to when I wanted to and even after much effort and finally getting outside of the city to the main area I found I couldnt kill anything. Then after a long time skilling up I decided to hunt the next map except I could get passed the bridge at the entry because I wasnt strong enough.


    So i quit.


    Darkfall is what changed my hope in the gaming industry to positive which is ironic given its reputation, its also why I never read reviews anymore other out of general curiousity or a features list

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  • EmergenceEmergence Norman, OKPosts: 888Member

    My first MMORPG was Ultima Online, which was amazing.

    Unfortunately, I voted NO because this "first love" wasn't just in my first MMO, but in EVERY MMO I've ever played which I enjoyed.


    The first moments I played UO and Everquest I was confused, but once I got into it I had "magical moments" and "first love" for each.

    When I stepped into Dark Age of Camelot's Beta, I had a massive nerdgasm of first love, being completely familiar with MMO gaming and being a bit older than I was before. This game was so amazing.

    Less than a decade later I returned to Dark Age of Camelot to play on the Classic server. I never got a chance to truly get into DAoC for whatever reason I quit (ToA, lack of money at the time, boredom, whatever it was). I had, once again, a "first love" in a second time in the same game.

    City of Villains? First love. City of Heroes? First love in the same game, but entirely different to me.

    Champions Online? First love.

    Vanguard? First love.

    Warhammer? No, but I loved it, and got the same feelings even if I say no, so... first love.

    Everquest 2? Fun fun fun, so sure...first love.


    Alright, so when I began to get older and had a decade of MMO experience the "first love" feeling really melted off, but the feelings didn't. In fact, I don't recall having any feelings that came with this "first love" so I'll just say this: every game for the first few weeks is my "first love" and if I like it enough and return years later or play a different perspective I get a second "First love" with it.

    I may have more stories in Ultima Online and Everquest than any other game-- but that is simply because I played those longer, and also... I hae stories in all MMO's I've played, I just don't remember those. I only remember the UO and EQ ones because they were a part of my childhood and discovering puberty or being a prank-filled teenager with my childhood best friends.

    So really... I just remember my friends, NOT the actual game memories. I remember people, not games. Just how I work.

    If being a developer means being quiet, mature, well-spoken, and disconnected from the community, then by all means do me a favor and believe I'm not one.

  • slygamer1979slygamer1979 sarasota, FLPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    My first mmo had to start with Runescape believe it or not around 98-99 it wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either lol.

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  • ircaddictsircaddicts LA, CAPosts: 146Member

    My first MMO was Pre-CU SWG and while a couple (GW and Lotro) have come close none of the 15 or so MMO's including wow and eve. I've played since has been as good overall. Guild Wars had a better combat system as did Lotro. But niether of them come remotely close to the awesome crafting system,class system and player run economy that pre-cu SWG had.

    Top 3 MMO's PRE-CU SWG GW1 Lotro

    Worst 2 wow and eve

  • Pro-PainPro-Pain Manchester, MIPosts: 141Member

    final fantasy 11. i bought it as soon as i got decently fast internet.  took me an hour to figure out how to get out of sandy, then got murdered by a worm lol. only took me 30 minutes to get out of the city the second time.  played for a little over 4 years.  once i finally retired and played another game ( vanguard i think was next) i had no clue how to work the "standard" ui.  i was so used to ffxi and action bars were so foreign to me.  i still have trouble with chat boxes today lol.

    i've played many mmos since and i know i have rose tinted glasses when i think of ffxi but it will always be king to me.

    the struggle to free myself from restraints becomes my very shackles

  • citadellicitadelli richland, WAPosts: 36Member

    UO was my first, very cool took me in because of Diablo II.  Lasted a couple years before i jumped to EQ1 with a friend, then fell in love w/ EQ2 when it came out, did WOW and the rest but always stuck with EQ2. No better game now than eq2 IMO.

    I've read before, your first MMO is like ur first love... gives a strange high, nothing will ever compare to it, no matter what you think i still have that feeling to this day after 6 years even though i never went back. But really it takes lots of experimenting to find your right match.

    I think a lot of folks playing either love or hate because of those their playing with (the massive part), and sometimes u just get lucky and find the right match ;-)  Most of the MMO's out there are awesome with loyal followers and passionate developers.

  • gc.migsgc.migs ManilaPosts: 17Member

    my first love with mmo would be ragnarok online it took me years of playing this game. Then when i heard about last month ragnarok 2 was coming i was excited and i waited that then when it came out... gah I watch the gameplay vids man i hated myself why i waited for the second installment ... but now im waiting for dragona online to come at my country i know it wont disappoint me from this game =D dont flame me for this ^^

  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

    My first was Meridian59, while I can not remember it using the term MMORPG, I only remember I had fun with it and it was online, second was UO, but never really got deep into it, then tried EQ again never really got in to it, then Star Wars Galaxies came along, a friend of mine who was in our Medal of Honor clan invited me into beta, and the minute I stepped in the game I was sold and played the beta beyond release till a few months into the NGE, but SWG was the MMORPG I truly fell in love with (gaming wise) And alway's hoped this genre would evolve and expand on it, making this genre be so much more then what single or multiplayer games where offering. To bad for me personaly that this genre started to offer less and less in what I liked about SWG.

    So in short SWG was my first MMORPG love (again gamers-wise)

  • yyiriyyiri New York, NYPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    my first was daoc and it turned me into a mmo nerd. whats why i lurk on this site that often.

  • SlyLoKSlyLoK Sugar Grove, VAPosts: 2,128Member Rare

    My first wasnt really an MMO but one of the first online RPGs.. Legends of Kesmai.

    Awesome Dungeons , Awesome Lairs , Awesome Sounds , Awesome Story and Lore. Simple but really fun.


  • StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOPosts: 1,680Member Rare

    My first venture into MMOs was, like many, WoW. I had great fun, and look back on those times with many fond memories. I suppose you could call it my first love, but i'm still waiting on my great MMO adventure. The one MMO that I really engross myself inevery aspect of.

  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Posts: 1,274Member Uncommon

    Asherons Call best MMO ever made.

  • yaminsuxyaminsux Posts: 973Member Uncommon

    My very first MMO was Ragnarok Online, simple gameplay, good enviroment, many fond memories. But then grind caught up to me.....that and botters...meh.

  • XasapisXasapis VolosPosts: 5,512Member Uncommon

    If we're talking graphical MMO, then AO.

    Else, <insert MUD here>. Text adventures were the best hehe.

  • fodell54fodell54 Posts: 853Member Uncommon


    I started my MMO journey with Ultima Online back in 1998. UO was also the MMO I played for the longest consecutively, from 1998 – 2006. If EA would open a classic shard I would still probably be playing it today. 

  • IronfungusIronfungus Florence, AZPosts: 519Member

    I hail from Ragnarok Online, Loki. What up. :D

  • Cereal2KCereal2K R'lyehPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Due to my video stores lack of knowledge they had Ultima Online there to rent when it first came out...I had no clue really and rented it as the first person and therefore could register the account  for like 3 bucks xD

    At first I was overwhelmed and clueless but once I came across a guy who helped me and explained a lot it would go down in history as my fondest MMO memory.

    No game gave me so many memorable moments of utter joy and frustration alike :D

    To this day I could recite countless tales of adventure and woe all of which I remember as if they happened yesterday....

    None of the other MMOs I've played (including pretty much all mainstream ones and a few niche games) were that memorable....when I think back to my like 4 years of wow theres hardly any times I think really fondly of except maybe 1-2 raiding experiences in vanilla...but world pve is so whatever that there are no tales to be told. (doesnt mean I didnt enjoy wow in general it just didnt have many individually memorable moments)

    The only thing coming even remotely close was pre-CU SWG and Jumpgate back in the day.

    Even nowadays I listen to the UO soundtrack thinking of good times...

    The difference between UO players and players in almost any other MMO to date is in UO haters are almost non-existant.

    I've hardly come across anyone badmouthing UO who actually played it for more than a month or two...while the same couldnt be said about any other game as far as I'm aware :)

    Like fodell54 said if EA would open a classic shard I'd be back in an instant.


    When thinking about UO today it feels like a home long lost.


  • SydrevSydrev Montreal, QCPosts: 29Member

    Neocron and wwIIonline almost 10 years ago


  • SFxBASFxBA Boone, NCPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    Started with Everquest, but really didn't and couldn't understand my game needs at the time.  Started beta of Dark Age of Camelot and haven't looked back.  I spent a lot of time with DAoC and enjoyed my time there. 

  • MardyMardy hollywood, CAPosts: 2,213Member

    Started in EQ in 2000, 11 years later, I'm back in EQ playing the new progression servers.  It's been great fun, a blast from the past.  Great nostalgia & that community feeling.  I think I'll be in EQ for quite a long time....again.


    I sorta rate EQ up on #1 on par with Asheron's Call and Dark Ages of Camelot.  Those 3 classics were my favorites, each with their own pro's and con's.  I loved AC1 for their FFA PvP and DAOC for RvR.  But bottom line is, I had an awesome time playing them and won't hesitate to play AC1 & DAOC if they came out with progression style servers.


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