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question about moving?

Tnk0072Tnk0072 rochester, MIPosts: 98Member Uncommon

well i started playing this game yet each time i actually move forward with the w key i continue to run for another 3 or so seconds before actually stopping. i was wondering is this normal? also if so is there anyway to stop that from happening? 

Thank you! :D



  • adiktusadiktus Frankfort, INPosts: 128Member

    I haven't played this game for a few weeks already since I can't find the time to play it. I'm not sure if they messed up with the latest patch. It wasn't like this before. Maybe it will be fixed soon.


  • AwesominityAwesominity Lillian, ALPosts: 93Member Uncommon

    Do you mean your character continues to go forward after you depress the W key or that it kinda stutter-steps while you're holding down the W key?

    I just started playing yesterday and haven't had the former happen, but the latter constantly happens. In fact, I've never seen my character run smoothly.

  • Tnk0072Tnk0072 rochester, MIPosts: 98Member Uncommon

    nevermind after continuing my playing i realized that when you first make a character in the last nation and start on the fields for some reason after you let go of pressing the W key you continue to run for a little  bit but once you move out of that area your walking go's back to normal 

    im really not sure why that was happening.

    Also if anyone could answer one last question. Each time i play my screen resolution gets smaller, does the game not support a higher screen resolution? 

    Thank you!

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