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I Am Number Four - movie

IlliusIllius Toronto, ONPosts: 4,142Member Uncommon

Wasn't bad at all.  I didn't feel like I wasted money. 

Michael Bay was still up to his shaky camera bullshit however that made the action scenes rather stupid, but what can I say, he's cheep when it comes to fight choreography.  What I don't get is why he does it for only certain action/combat scenes?  There were a few of them that were somewhat more pivotal that he shot real nice, where you could see what was going on, and others he'd just shake to hell and make them almost forgetable.

Anywho, if you're a fan of sci-fi, like some action, hot chicks with guns and knives riding ducati motorcycles and are not afraid of a few campy sappy scenes then this movie might be up your alley.

Unlike The Eagle, I saw this one stone sober and enjoyed it.

No required quests! And if I decide I want to be an assassin-cartographer-dancer-pastry chef who lives only to stalk and kill interior decorators, then that's who I want to be, even if it takes me four years to max all the skills and everyone else thinks I'm freaking nuts. -Madimorga-


  • melmoth1melmoth1 EdinburghPosts: 762Member

    Thanks for the review.

    Will check it out.





  • ChieftanChieftan Posts: 1,187Member Uncommon

    The previews make it look like its going after the Twilight crowd.

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  • modjoe86modjoe86 Fayetteville, ARPosts: 4,082Member Uncommon

    I guess I'm the only person who thought this looks unbelievaterrifuckingbad.

    "The birds they sang
    at the break of day.
    Start again I heard them say;
    Don't dwell on what has passed away
    or what is yet to be."

  • IhmoteppIhmotepp Koolawachie, SCPosts: 14,495Member

    Thanks for the review. I'll probably go check it out. The Eagle was not horrible, but pretty mediocre. I find that's often true with action movies that are PG.


  • cliff54cliff54 manilaPosts: 4Member

    Thank you for the reviews :) I'll check that out!~

  • honest29honest29 New york, NYPosts: 5Member

    Thanks on the heads up.

  • martindermartinder novalichesPosts: 5Member

    image   I see the trailer of this movie. its great to watch it..thumbs up..

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