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Runescape: The Wilderness and Free Trade Return

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,949MMORPG.COM Staff Epic's Adam Tingle recently had the opportunity to visit Runescape developer, Jagex Studios. Adam is a long-time Runescape player and was pleased to make the visit to talk with devs about the recent return of the Wilderness and Free Trade after fans voted them back in. Check out what Adam discovered on his road trip to Jagex Studios. Leave us a comment or two below when you're finished.

Being’s go-to guy for all matters Great Britain (at least that’s what they tell me when they want me to do bad things) I had the very special privilege of hitting the road and heading to Jagex Studios for a visit regarding all things RuneScape. Being a long-term user of the aforementioned game, and having a general preconception of the city of Cambridge, I was expecting to find an establishment occupied by pale-faced programmers sat upon grass embankments chinking china-tea-cups, scoffing down scones all the while discussing the fineries of Star Trek and C++ Script– Instead what I found when approaching the blue tinted doors of my destination was a shiny black tank embellished with the words Jagex Studios.

Read more of Adam Tingle's Runescape: The Wilderness and Free Trade Return.


  • UnsungTooUnsungToo Lake Worthless, FLPosts: 276Member

    I'll give it a shot and see how it goes

    Godspeed my fellow gamer

  • JanakatJanakat BillingstadPosts: 2Member

    I would like to thank Jagex for the fantastic job they have done in restoring the wildy to its former glory, without losing most of the inovative solutions to pvp which they had added after previously removing it. The game has regained its former feel. It is a more dynamic and dangerous place now, not only out in the pvp areas, but also in safer parts. The return of free trade brought with it all sorts of economic changes, and situations which newer players are not familiar with. There is a volitile economy with the opportunity to win or lose millions, a number of scoundrels around to scam innocent players, and beggers a plenty.

    I am really impressed by Jagex's move to reinstate the wildy and free trade. To make such vast changes, and to do it with seemingly no effort is fantastic. The transition has been very smooth, and the game has been able to handle huge amounts of people playing at the same time under drastically changes conditions. The employees at Jagex have been very present both in game and on the forums, which has been a great help in making the transition pleasant and smooth.

    And to those of you who have not tried the game, RuneScape is quite impressive. It has a huge amount of free to play content, with more than enough to do. (there is also a super pay to play option available for those who like that). Jagex continually develops the game, adding content - quests, new skills, achievment tasks, and much more. The game is dynamic, and very much worth giving a try.



  • PhelimReaghPhelimReagh New York, NYPosts: 664Member Uncommon

    I went back and tried it again, and it doesn't take too long to be smacked in the face again by the grind. The same thing over and over for, literally, hundreds upon hundreds of hours on end. Then on to the next of 24 skills.


    And there's still that god-awful "Loading, Please Wait" for 5-10 seconds every 20 seconds if you're moving around. How have they not surmounted that technical hurdle yet in 10 years?


    If you like the full loot PvP thing, I'm sure this is a very thrilling change.  But while they've put a bit of lipstick on the pig over the last few years, well, it's still a 16-bit pig.

  • HolgranthHolgranth Port, ABPosts: 380Member

    I know it is a MMO but do you guys think its even worth covering Runescape on this site? I mean seriously we are talking about a game 99.99% of all mainstream gamers woulden't touch unless you had a gun to their head.

    Mega grindy + Bad graphics + Simplistic gameplay + slow uninteractive combat = Boring to all but teenagers and a very, very special breed of casual gamer with waay too much spare time on their hands.

    Dem hibbies! Dey be wrong!

  • jinxxed0jinxxed0 Posts: 841Member Uncommon

    I wonder if they plan to make a sequel. Because looking at the artwork and then looking at screenshots for the game just causes interal bleeding

  • shakermaker0shakermaker0 SheffieldPosts: 194Member Uncommon

    Mega grindy + Bad graphics + Simplistic gameplay + slow uninteractive combat = Boring to all but teenagers and a very, very special breed of casual gamer with waay too much spare time on their hands.


    You have just described every MMO released before 2007

  • sk1paszsk1pasz MarijampolePosts: 2Member

    Wow at the last picture Lithuanian Flag. damn

  • AljaxAljax Nashville, TNPosts: 41Member

    I was so happy when Jagex enabled free trade again.. It allowed me to sell off all that useless RuneScape gold I had and never used (Since I no longer play) for some badly needed cash. XD

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