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Dynasty Warriors what kind of MMO is it?

lameninjalameninja rapid, SDPosts: 13Member

I there has  been no discussion about this but i have noticed people call it diffrent then others. I think its a MMORPG because its a MMORPG but with like non stop raid/instance mixes called missions. I have never played a game like that. Its a one of a kind. I havent played since Closed Beta so i might be wrong on some details.

What do you think? Argue if you want i just wana get this verified


  • QuasiRainQuasiRain N/A, COPosts: 125Member

    I...think it can still be called an mmoRPG, except you go to "rooms/instances" instead of quest in the world map. It's still a very fun game though. I'm a Dual Fan user by the way, like DaQuiao.


    Still, for now DWO is a cool game to play when I want to have a high kill count. Most of the time I stick to Aika Global since the hundreds of enemies you fight there are ACTUAL PLAYERS.

    On other times when I want to relax, I play Cardmon Hero.

    Then when I want to shoot stuff, I play S4 League, (Warcry isn't out yet) so yeah. XD


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