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After playing Rift Beta #5

PokketPokket Candy Mountain, TXMember Posts: 80

So I've been playing in all of the betas so far and I've started to really enjoy myself. I've leveled on the Defiant and Guardian side. For myself, I prefer the Guardian due to their lore and for aesthetic reasons. The Defiants, however, are just as interesting, but with almost a completely different lore.


For fantasy geeks, Rift did a really nice job at incorporating the lore, even if you're not the type to read every quest you accept.


Due to this I've started to make videos and post them on youtube.


I've made one for the Guardians here:


Next up will be the Defiants, I just have been taking a breaking seeing as the Guardian one took so long.


I basically tried to make a lore-type gameplay video. It shows off the environment of the Guardians (levels 1-20) quite a bit, and then incorporates some actual gameplay footage.

Youtube: PokketProductions | Twitter: @Pokketsays | Facebook: Pokketsays


  • JuaksJuaks Member Posts: 271 Uncommon

    Epic video. Waiting for more.

  • AkechtaAkechta HamiltonMember Posts: 219

    Probably one of the first proper threads that isn't ranting, trolling, or saying this is WoW.

    Thank you for that.

    And nice video, I'll be looking out for the Defiants one.

  • MargitalMargital Birdsboro, PAMember Posts: 1

    After playing in just beta 5 event for i kid you not, 10 minutes I decided to cancel my WoW sub and pour myself into RIFT. Less cartoony and interesting questing ideas. The Zone wide quest objectives being completed when i hadnt done anything was nice too :)

    Gaurdian VS Defiant Aestetics wise = Couldnt tell a differenc really. Not like in wow where (mostly) Alliance was pretty (except female dwarves) and Horde wasnt.


    Really looking forward to this one :)

    Happy Gaming!

  • valorienvalorien phoenix, AZMember Posts: 5

    Exceptional post!

    Rift has my thumbs up as well as it breathes fresh life into my otherwise stale MMO experience. The class system and the combat system are my two most favorite features, but add to that the Open rift events, the zone wide quests, and a story line that truly does grab you it is any easy choice for me. I do disagree on one point, I prefer Defiants! hehe




  • craizynitecraizynite Lindale, GAMember Posts: 2

    Great Video, Great Music. Looking forward to future videos and the open beta on Tuesday :). Thanks for the Video.

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