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Razer Naga Mmog Gaming Mouse or Nostromo gamepad with DCUO

cheyanecheyane Rome Posts: 3,041Member Uncommon

I was wondering whether any one owns one of these devices. I was unable to find out whether the above two can be programmed to allow you to click one programmed button for successive mouse clicks. 


All I could find out by reading the reviews and such were they could be mapped for the 1-0 keyboard which is usually for casting on the action bar of your UI in MMORPGs. Also shift and alt and control + numbers but I could not determine if they can be programmed to recognize multiple mouse clicks in succession with holds at the end. 


Currently I own a 5 button mouse which can program shift,alt ,control but I cannot program them for successive mouse clicks. I would appreciate anyone's superior knowledge on these products. 


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