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how's the pvp?

nOOObienOOObie silver spring, MDPosts: 28Member
just wondering how the pvp is in this game. are the professions balanced? is there alot of grief play, or do people mostly have fun and good sportsmanship? are the devs nerf happy, or do they make the right calls at the right time?




  • KatheryneKatheryne San Diego, CAPosts: 130Member

    Well, there is no real PvP in the sense that most MMORPG players think of it; however, the entire game is centered around sims interacting with other sims in social settings.  If you want to try it out for yourself, you can download the game here and try it out for yourself for two weeks free! You've got nothing to lose!

  • killerontherkilleronther Los Angeles, CAPosts: 15Member
    hey can u provide me a preview for SIMs..thanks
  • KatheryneKatheryne San Diego, CAPosts: 130Member
  • ScorpesScorpes Fort Lauderdale, FLPosts: 830Member

    PVP is great, have to join a mafia family and drop your IQ about 80 points to play though

  • MaxoidMaxoid gfs gdfgdfs, MEPosts: 20Member

    There is no PvP in The Sims Online. If you want high class action, you can always join a real life gang.

    Have fun :)


  • nOOObienOOObie silver spring, MDPosts: 28Member
    OMG REAL LIFE GANG?????!!1?/?][ SIGN ME UP11ONE!!!!


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