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the price

ladadaladada saint john, NBPosts: 2Member

I am a canadian citizen and I find that I can't send a check because I am , and I find that the price is just a bit to high for the canadians ,because of the price for americans it is about 3 dollars right "hope I haven't lost you if I have" that means it's about 7 dollars canadian a week so that's $28 a month and it isn't payable in check form. so my suggestion is make checks payable for canadians.


try list the best fail like the best

try list the best fail like the best



  • Swashbuck1erSwashbuck1er Orange, CAPosts: 4Member

    the price for people in the US is $9.99 a month if thats what you mean.

    the game itself was like... $29.00?


    and if they are charging you 28 bucks thats a bit (unless its in canadian money which i have no idea the worth)

    "MMO's are a bicycle with a carrot hanging in front of your nose. Instead of a bike they have a tread mill and replacing the carrot is an even bigger treadmill"

  • BlastBlast forde, QCPosts: 42Member
    to much anyways hehe...

  • KangyrooKangyroo Port ElizabethPosts: 5Member

    They should make it free.

  • KatheryneKatheryne San Diego, CAPosts: 130Member
    The game itself is free.  The US$9.95 per month subscription is payable either by auto-pay from your credit card, from purchasing game time cards, or via Paypal.  That's not too bad now, is it? image

  • mammasmammas aberdeenPosts: 2Member
    i dont think they should make it free, just take the price down, the game isnt that good, i had it and i thought it was a bump...good game tho


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