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General: 2010 Awards: Game of the Year



  • sn0wblind00sn0wblind00 Posts: 388Member Uncommon

    Eve wins many online polls and has a very active (and defensive) forum community as you can spend much of your 'gaming time' alt-tab'd. 

  • abramasadaabramasada manitowoc, WIPosts: 17Member

    why does eve win ...because there are alot of ppl that come to this website looking for news of good online games..just a sneaking suspicion but i bet there are alot like me that have been looking for several years and are not real satisfied with whats available.

    i have been playing the great spreadsheet off and on for 5 years because other games are lacking. the bulk of WOW lovers dont need the depth of the spreadsheet and i see them coming in second. and you have LOTR 3rd.

    out of bordom i downloaded LOTR yesterday and if this is what ppl want  gaming is dead to me .

    WOW clone setup . uninstalled  in less time then the download took.

    so i guess my point of bothering with this is "hey WOW kids tone down the flameing that anything  is close to your beloved medeocre standard lowering 5 year old highwater mark of gaming"

    bah why i bother wow is to MMOs as DOOM was to RPGs.

  • TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,569Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by lorthantalis

    IMO I think everyone that's complaining about the state of online gameing needs to log off their computers, put the mountain dew down, crawl out of your mom's basement and go outside.

     Oh I get outside plenty.   I ride my mountain bike every day - when there is not a foot of snow on the ground.   I also run stairs in the local stadium twice a week - have to stay fit.   So I get out plenty.  

    If we complain about the state of games its because they are trash.  Look at what we've seen come out lately.  MMORPG's is a dying genre.    It is slow...but it is dying.    All we get these days are games calling themselves MMORPG's -  Tank World!  APB!  Hell  even EVE is less than an RPG now and more of spce flight sim since player characters no longer have stats.  Once Incarna comes it'll be Sims(with out the cool things to do) in space tacked onto a space flight simulator and even then the space flight sim is not really all that much of sim since the physics of EVE breaks most laws of physics.    So what is EVE ... its a game about micro management.   It could be more....but alas the developers like their game for what it is.  Cool.  It's just not for me.   I played it long enough to know it'll never be anything more than what it is.

    MMORPG's have fallen into a rut.   All these game companies see WoW and say...well...Blizzard redefined the market - so lets be like them and make our game based on their design.    Sadly because of this - we're stuck with WoW wannabe's.   Hell even GW2 is still a WoW wannabe, but without all the cool things WoW offers - like mounts!   I have watched the vids of GW2 and I am not impressed.   It is just more stupid silly go fetch quest and kill X # of quest.    Plus it is all about leveling up and getting gear.   That's another thing that really annoys me...all these games coming out are gear centric.    Really?   As if gear wasn't the rage back in the day, not it is moreso than ever.   Gone are the days when we explored gaming worlds.   Gone are  the stories we just happend across and became a part of.  Gone are the games where players were the story and the world was our sandbox.   Now it is all about quest hubs, quest lines, zones, instances and gear.

    These game companies wonder why WoW is so successful - because those game companies are not smart enough to be different and when we players see  that all that new game is is WoW wrapped up in a different package - we toss up our hands and just keep playing WoW.

    I'm not talking about the DF's and FE's here.   They are different...they have a whole lot of their own problems - to manyto go into now. is truly sad that this genre is stagnating.

  • JinxysJinxys TinkerTownPosts: 466Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Cecropia

    Not a very impressive feat considering how dry of a year 2010 was, but nonetheless, congratulations to CCP yet again.

    Hmm yeah 2010 was a bit of a dry year. Didn't come as a surprise for me either. Congratulations to CCP yet again. I know I've played the game and loved it :)

  • ToxiliumToxilium Cambridge, ONPosts: 905Member

    I'm glad the community came together and elected the game that truly deserved the win. Nothing compares to EVE at the moment in terms of innovation, graphics and complexity.



  • BadaboomBadaboom Moose Jaw, SKPosts: 2,380Member Uncommon

    I would be playing EVE if it were not for Darkfall.  Grats to CCP.  Its really going to hit the fan when Dust comes out.

  • Spaceweed10Spaceweed10 LondonPosts: 625Member

    This is a joke.  Eve is the most noob-unfriendly game that has ever been made.  If your 'corporation' owns large chunks of space, I'm sure you're having tons of fun griefing the rest of the server.

  • Spaceweed10Spaceweed10 LondonPosts: 625Member

    Maybe CCP just offered the best 'package'.


  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCPosts: 3,275Member

    Originally posted by Spaceweed10

    This is a joke.  Eve is the most noob-unfriendly game that has ever been made.  If your 'corporation' owns large chunks of space, I'm sure you're having tons of fun griefing the rest of the server.

    SO I take it that you tried the trial and couldnt figure it out or was blown up in empire or you never ever played and just pulling this out of nowhere because whatever one you play on the list lost.

  • stevekr21stevekr21 Des Moines, WAPosts: 50Member

    Well done CCP, yet another award to add to the ever growing list!

  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,352Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by ironfungus

    I don't even play Eve and I voted for it. LOL


    Me too. Congrats to CCP, you guys rock

  • Radar11xRadar11x moonPosts: 118Member Uncommon

    Well its kind of sad that it got game of the year but in the end thats not say much with 2010 being lack luster when it comes to mmorpgs. dont get me wrong Eve is good at what it does it s just that what it  had done  in 2010 wasn't all that great. Props to CCP tho its an mmo that will be running for years to come.

  • DarksecDarksec DarlingtonPosts: 13Member

    Lol @ all the bitter WoW fanboys digs and gripes. Eve I have played for a time but sadly do not have the time for such an in depth title these days. You need to have brains and require thought to do well in eve which is something most WoW player lack or refuse to use. Or maybe they dont have the time like me. Anyway well done fantstic game still to this day keep it living

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,015Member Epic

    Just shows that games not designed like the standard themepark style have their followings.

    Gratz to CCP and another strong year.

    On hiatus from EVE Online since Dec 2016 - Screw off-grid PVE boosting changes

    Pouring on extra "Salt" for 2017

    In my day MMORPG's were so hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow, uphill both ways.

    Don't just play games, inhabit virtual worlds™
    "This is the most intelligent, well qualified and articulate response to a post I have ever seen on these forums. It's a shame most people here won't have the attention span to read past the second line." - Anon

  • CecropiaCecropia Posts: 3,939Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Kyleran

    Just shows that games not designed like the standard themepark style have their followings.
    Gratz to CCP and another strong year.


    There is certainly no shortage of posters around here that would have you believe otherwise.

    "Mr. Rothstein, your people never will understand... the way it works out here. You're all just our guests. But you act like you're at home. Let me tell you something, partner. You ain't home. But that's where we're gonna send you if it harelips the governor." - Pat Webb

  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    Grats to ccp! I dont play eve but i know hundreds of thousands of people do and are in mmo heaven.

  • Silver_LeafSilver_Leaf MelbournePosts: 135Member

    Eve looks great, really great on paper and trailers. What you CAN do is limitless. However actual gameplay is somewat lacking and very repetitive.

  • lorthantalislorthantalis Indianapolis, INPosts: 4Member

    @ silver_leaf.    And grinding mobs for xp isn't repetitive? 

  • teco221teco221 Biloxi, MSPosts: 373Member

    WOW if EVE is game of the year, I think I lost all faith in Game companies and MMO is dead to me.  I might just go to play iPhone games.  EVE? Best game of the year?  IMO, EVE is worse game of MMO, ok maybe not as bad as FFXIV but it's in my top 10 list not to play games.  Oh Well, I guess when there is nothing good, any mediocre game can be on top of the list.  

  • SandaStunnaSandaStunna nothanks, CAPosts: 101Member

    that's great maybe i should resub. sike.

  • Bdog12894Bdog12894 warner robins, GAPosts: 2Member

       Let me start by saying I dont like to post comments on any thing but after reading some of these i had to. Personaly I couldn't get into eve online but i still thought it had good fetures,but im adhd so i can't really get in to games like that. i can still see the good in it though.personly i lasted longer in this game then i did in wow. wow is just to old and its really been lossing its touch there expansions are not getting any better plus you have to pay for them.eves expansions you get for free and they help fix proplems along with adding stuff to it.also some one said that the game that won was the one you don't even have to play but thats a lie if you tried going through this game with not longing on for days you would have a hard time specialy if you were in a corpation you could get kicked out and left alone or when you signed back in you solar system could have been taken bye another faction or corp. so i agree that this is a hard game to get into from the start but it has alot more to do them most if your just willing to put in the time.

       so please unless you did alot of research on this game and you know alot about it dont fucking bad mouth it ok because wow isn't much better thats why they have been lossing there population.yes it was good when it came out but just like all other games it gets old. and yes even eve can get old over time theres just so much to do.

  • Bdog12894Bdog12894 warner robins, GAPosts: 2Member

    i left something out this poll was not only for games that came out this year ok so stop saying it only won because no  good games came out this year. this was all the game if you didn't fuck read the post at the top ok so really any other mmorpg could have won ok.

  • RabidBowmanRabidBowman Kuna, IDPosts: 41Member

    Originally posted by dsebutchr

    Wow....the spreadsheet with screensaver game won...
    Congrats CCP.  Your game is garbage but good job impressing the loudest voices here.

    Funny as heck.

  • rsrestonrsreston BerlinPosts: 346Member Uncommon

    HA! SWG ranked 5th! Suck it, haters!


  • lorthantalislorthantalis Indianapolis, INPosts: 4Member

    Originally posted by swampthing11

    eve?  Seriously?  They musta had a campaign to get votes on their forum.  Spreadsheet in space.


    lol about 90% of the Eve population refuses to even look at forums.

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