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dont play this if your not gonna pay ALOT!!!

xcqtedxcqted quezon cityPosts: 1Member Common

is game is so based on cash items 

very stupid company  and security

they dont even have a anti-hack guard

you can register a account even using some others email.

stupid guildwar.

heroes of might and money.


  • ReliiqueReliique SpbPosts: 53Member

    Indeed, wait for Heroes of might and magic 6!

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    i read this "TQ Digital Entertainment"


    i played 0.1/1.0 conquer online a few years ago. anything with TQ D as publisher = hacked/glitched cash shop POS. and not worth the bandwith to post comments about how bad it is. 

    this game could be the last game on the planet.. i will never play it. if i want some HOMM ill just pop in one of my many HOMM1-2 cds and some how get x64 win 7 to run it.

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  • xerobullxerobull Galveston, TXPosts: 1Member

    Who is ALOT?

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