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  • FurorFuror Edison, NJMember Posts: 374
    I got 2 ffxiv buddy keys both free 3odays o chaege $18 each I accept paypal
  • chris081888chris081888 Barrie, ONMember Posts: 34 Common

    Originally posted by Furor

    I got 2 ffxiv buddy keys both free 3odays o chaege $18 each I accept paypal

    Don't you still have to buy the game after the 30 days? And isn't the game 15$ a month?

    I'm sure there are people that want to play that will benifit you alot in game, but I think it's a little low and probably against the ToS to charge for the buddy keys.

    Best Beta Tester EVER!

  • KankanKankan Yuba City, CAMember Posts: 55 Uncommon

    Im interested in recieving a buddy key. I kind of shy'd away from the game with all the negative feedback that came at its launch. After reading that they are making some changes I am again interested in checking it out. I played FF 11 for a year and have played many of the console rpgs and enjoy the games/story/cutscenes and music.  Send me mail via these forums if you have and are willing to part with a buddy key.


  • hrdyeushrdyeus Maple Ridge, BCMember Posts: 1

    Buddy key, please. My email is: Thanks in advance.

    ~ D.

  • wizyywizyy Novi SadMember Posts: 629 Uncommon

    Everyone is bashing this game but I checked some combat videos and I really like nice, fluid character animations in it. Could be the best animations I've seen in any MMORPG yet.

    I would love a EU buddy key if anyone can spare it, to show this game to crowd that's hanging in the cybercafe I'm administering, maybe switching some people from WoW to this game that's looking refreshing to me.

    Thanks in advance to any kind people.

  • lenathianlenathian longwood, FLMember Posts: 12 Uncommon

    if anyone has an extra buddy key I would love to try playing... 

    thx so much:

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 628 Uncommon

    If anybody wants to share the love, send a key my ways too please!


  • ClobberhausClobberhaus Sonoma, CAMember Posts: 1 Uncommon

    Would love to check the game out for myself if ya got a buddy key please send it my way e-mail:

  • Saben001Saben001 Indianapolis, INMember Posts: 63

    Would love a buddy key. If anyone would be kind enough!
    saben.deso @

    no spaces

  • dinh100dinh100 quebec, QCMember Posts: 7

    If anyone have a buddy key, i'd gladly take it, thanks :)

    leave it in my private message plz !

  • akhliberakhliber middleburg, FLMember Posts: 5

    I've been asking around everywhere I can think to for a buddy key to try this game out.  I actively play WoW and Aion, but have been a FF fan since FFII came out :)


    Any chance of a beta key coming my way?  If someone would be so kind as to PM me one, I would be eternally grateful.  I'm planning on dropping one of the two MMO's I'm playing now to pick this up, but I really want to see it up close before I make the jump.  Any help from someone here would be much appreciated!

  • SaftglassSaftglass KungMember Posts: 8

    Been a fan of FF since VII, really want to test this game, pls send a key :)

  • aithieelaithieel WroclawMember Posts: 232

    Of course like everyone; If there would be free buddy key I'd love to try game.


  • tyorketyorke marsalaMember Posts: 46

    i loved the XI if someone has a key i'd love to try it

    < Thank god I am atheist

  • mdkbmdkb AraraquaraMember Posts: 4

  • VaultFairyVaultFairy LeedsMember Posts: 566 Uncommon

    Would love to get a buddy key, if anyone has one spare please PM me. image

  • Sky427Sky427 aiea, HIMember Posts: 99

    Looking ofr a buddy key if anyone could be so kind, just blew 1500 on a new laptop! :D

  • CyrclezCyrclez Munroe Falls, OHMember Posts: 12 Uncommon

    Looking to try before I buy if anyone has a key.  Thanks.  =)

  • morbitangelmorbitangel heerlenMember Posts: 58 Uncommon

    looking for a buddy key to try the game thx in advance.

  • zevni78zevni78 grimsbyMember Posts: 1,120 Uncommon

    Squarenix just did me a good turn and i feel like trying FFXIV, but after some bad mmo investments this year i really need to try it first, can anyone help?

  • AerilonAerilon Colorado Springs, COMember Posts: 3

    I would really love to try this game. If anyone could ass me a key that would ROCK! I got some money for the holidays and I want to decide if i should get this this or not.  Thanks again in advance, and happy holidays!

  • ArkezxaArkezxa Deptford, NJMember Posts: 1



    If anyone has a buddy key they are looking to give away, please shoot me a PM with the info!


    Thanks a lot!

  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a buddy key they would be willing to part with. Im very interested in trying out this game, i played FFXI for a few years at launch as a blackmage/whitemage taru

    Please PM me :-)

  • weskeredweskered Maple Ridge, BCMember Posts: 2

    im in canada. could someone email me one too pl[]x. email is i really want one. thanks.

  • weskeredweskered Maple Ridge, BCMember Posts: 2

    someones sending me spam. QUIT IT! DAMNIT!

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