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Wizard 101: Wizard 101 Review



  • LeagolxLeagolx Kearney, MIPosts: 222Member

    Originally posted by rhinok

    Originally posted by Czarr_Rom

    What I would love to see is a review done by someone at the target age.
    Get an early teenager to review this game. I dont say this to be condescending in any way but if the game is meant to target ?9-14? year olds shouldnt they be the ones telling us how it is? :)
    Something like that would be very cool indeed.

    • My 9 year old son loves it - he's an addict.  It's all I can do to get him to stop talking about the game, and I'm a gamer!

    • My 12 year old daughter likes it and play some

    • My 18 year old daughter (just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago) likes it and plays quite a bit

    On top of that, my 39 year old wife likes it, but doesn't play all that often and I (38 years old) like it a lot and play in bursts between my other games and work/life responsibilities.  My son and I had a game night last night and played together for a few hours - it was great!.  Even more fun with somebody to play with.

    I've said this before in other comments - Wizard101 is the only game that has ever appealed to my entire family.  I've played CoX in duos with my oldest daughter for 2 years.  I've played Dungeon Runners with my son and I've played WoW with my wife (very, very casually  for both of us).  But we all play Wizard101!!




     I really like hearing stories like this I think this is what games are sopoesed to do they are ment to bring people together. Its great to hear you guys are having fun with this game I have a few younger cousins that are addicts of this game but i never really got into it myself if a similar title is around when im older though and i have children id defiently play with them.

    If your going to ban the trolls please for our sake ban the Fan Boys too.

  • TajwallTajwall bloop bloop, WVPosts: 4Member

    Originally posted by Lydon

    It really is an amazing game. Though it may be geared towards children, I found it immersive and addictive. I love the combat system.


     Dude, they censor out "Aslan" and many other common words because of their silly "censors". HALF of their enemies cannot be said, so instead of "Attack the stone golem!" you get like "... The ...!" Another dumb thing is free quests leading to members quests during the chain. However, it isn't half bad. It was enjoyable, so it's not exactly the type of game that you'd see someone like the Irate Gamer or AVGN playing. It does get rather addictive, but some of it gets tedious. Example: Running out of cards, not affording more. Another Example: Avoiding fights is a hard thing too. Once I entered a map and randomly started dashing at like 20mph, then I found out I was in a HUGE boss fight. Sure, that's the kind of idea of "party" but it's still good. Not bashing on it, it's actually pretty good.

    read it. love it.

  • ydebydeb Spring, TXPosts: 1Member


    This is a great game. It is fun and easy to play and the graphics are good. Also the ability personalize the experience is great.



    Don't play it if you don't want to pay money, it's the only way to advance. I reached Level 10 and got bored because I ran out  of quests that I could do. You have to buy certain areas and for a FREE game this is a big detractor. Also there are some very odd people out their so definitely watch it. I've seen players ask for a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

    I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

  • georgiacotton4576georgiacotton4576 canon city, COPosts: 1Member
    I play wizard101 and i do have fun. It is definitely a family friendly game.
  • DrewfusMaximusDrewfusMaximus Denton, TXPosts: 1Member

    Great review!  I've been playing it for about a year, or so.  I absolutely love this game, and to see such high praise from such a great game site, gives me great pleasure.  I must admit, your writing style, and game comprehension is the best I've seen, for a quick review of a highly complex, and innovative game!


    I"m hooked.

  • DeployerDeployer Newton, KSPosts: 1Member

    I have been playing games, console and computer based since, well, early 80's anyway.

    Online games since the real early 90's. Yea, I am kinda old. And still a game nut for all kinds of games.

    I started playing Wizard101 several years ago when my wife started playing it about a year before I did when she got hooked on it at our daughters place when we went for a visit. The daughter, her hubby and both of there little girls, 6 and 8, plat Wizard101. The girls, at that time, didn't do a lot but run around lol, but, they enjoyed it greatly. The Daughter and her hubby got into it big time. What they loved is the fact there girls could not see the language some of the old kids were using, not could they see what I call, "Wizard City Commons Dating Service" which was nothing but kids running around asking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. I did not mind al that and some times thought it was kinda cute, but, that was limited. My daughter and her hubby were very grlad the girls were not able to see that. They said the main reason they let the girls play was because of the parental controls Wizard101 has placed.

     We came home from the visit and my wife got on her computer a got an account on Wizard101 that evening. A few days later, she paid for a years sub. She thought the game was fantastic. And as her NOT being a computer gaming person at all, I was kinda impressed that Wizard101 got her attention. The game play, combat, quests and all of it are, in her words, "fantastic and very enjoyable". Well, yea, they are really, however, I must take into account that she has never played a computer game before that. She did play a few console games on the Game Cube. Mostly Animal Crossing.

    I started playing later on and found it very enjoyable. At first, since I have been playing many types of games on and off line for over 2 decades I was not so sure about the combat setup. But, I got on it , created an "avatar" and began playing. Was not long and I was hooked. Had the wife put us on a family plan and there we were, fighting leveling and questing like crazy. Many times joining in quests and fights with our daughter and her hubby. I would now and then, when the grand kids were on, run around with them. But since they were rather young, they couldn't be on that much when I was since work took a great deal of my time. And to this day, the wife and I still play. the wife considerably more than I do now but, still play. And one may be rather surprised as to how many "adults" there are actually playing Wizard101. I am referring to adults over the age of 30. I am 58 and the wife is 56. And I know many others playing that are older.

    All in all, Wizard101 is a fantastic game for kids and even older kids, like us. I will not get into all the pros and cons as a few here already have. Suffice it to say that Wizard101 has been and still is a game that ranks at the top for children of all ages. IMHO. And since it's beginnings, it has grown rather large and is still growing with new lands to quest on, new pets to have, and yea, the pets help you in combat now as well. And you can train them up so they can learn new skills. There are new "armor" as well as weapons and such. Always adding new things to the game. Yes, the "free to play" side is rather limited, but, it is still used by many people. But all in all considering the cost of many of todays MMORPG games, Wizard101 is still rather cheap. And still very enjoyable.

    As "ydeb" mentioned above, yes there are odd people playing the game, however, that goes for EVERY SINGLE game that is online, or offline, for that matter. So as for that part, it is not really part of the equation for playing Wizard101 or not. As I said, there are "odd" people in every single aspect of online gaming and forums and any other place that is used by people from around the world. And as for the "looking for a girl friend or boyfriend" yea, that gets old, but once again, that is part of the online deal. Take it or leave it, your choice.

    Personally, I would rate Wizard101 9.5 out or 10. Simply because the free side to play is limited so much. But, still very enjoyable regardless.

    Take it or leave it :) y'all have a good one now :)

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