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Does the new game "overhaul" they did change the graphics?

brihtwulfbrihtwulf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 974Member Uncommon

I noticed that Nexon said they did a huge update to the game last week, and I was wondering if it only affected gameplay or if they did some updates to the look of the game or its graphics.  Anyone playing this currently that has any input about the new update?




  • DatarinDatarin SydneyPosts: 164Member Common

    I'm firing up the patcher right now, thanks for notifying me xD

    I've also found some details already by other players: Source


    When I patched to version 1.2.323 I saw a new file added to my MapleT folder called ”Opening”.

    I didn’t bother looking because I already knew what it was, but whenever you launch MapleStory a short opening movie will appear.

    When I logged on my character a notice appeared saying I received SP reset scrolls. ()

    You get three scrolls and the scrolls I got today will expire in one week.

    When you double-click on one scroll, it will ask if you’re really sure you want to reset.

    source :

    Everything gets reset to zero. Everything except for Beginner skills.

    So let’s say that you used one scroll and allocated a skill point in the wrong skill. Oops… You can use the second scroll. So don’t worry about that.

    Since there is a SP reset, you might wonder if Ability Points (AP) will be reset, but I don’t think Ability Points will be reset to zero. I also don’t want my AP to be reset because it’s going to be a pain in the ass to click so many times. >_<;


    No mentions of graphics, but I'll need to play it myself to see. Moar soon.


    Edited to add so I won't double-post:


    Found this little gem: Official Press Release


    There's a huge emphasis on an "Evolving Ring" event, although I can't really comment whether its stats are worthy or not. It seems to be more of an "everyone" thing, and needs 17 days straight of logging in and being active to get the final product.

    However, what really tickles my fancy is the huge emphasis of the article on "new players" and content directly aimed at new players.

    In other words, Nexon is pushing REALLY HARD for new players into Maple Story. Everyone gets lots of goodies from free accessories to quests and etc-- this looks like a mini-expansion.

    However, I really can't find anything pertaining to updated graphics. When I logged in, it still looks like old MS. *cough* There are new maps, though. No idea how they are though.

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