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Kingsmouth Twitter happenings.

YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

For those who are interested in the backstory of the game, especially the backstory of kingsmouth island, one of the locations in the game:

The arg starring the citizens of kingsmouth continues and it seemingly is nearing the point where some king of inevitable bad thing happens and the kingsmouth becomes as depicted in kingsmouth trailer.

For those who are in the dark - after the kingsmouth website was revealed, twitter accounts of various kingsmouth residents surfaced.

Notable twitter messages are going from:
zombiedanny - Danny Duffresne - a teenage boy who enjoys playing video games and is, apparently the narrator of kingsmouth trailer. Apparantly one of the main figures of the arg.
dontgetcarter - "Carter" - a student at mysterious Kingsmouth Academy and Danny's friend. Also one of the main personages in the arg.
sheriffhelen - Helen Bannerman - the sheriff of Kingsmouth.
deputygardener - Andy Gardener - the deputy of kingsmouth.

The kingsmouth "activities" themselves started in January and gave info, in a way, about the legends and myths surrounding this area( most of info was given in form of a blog - ) It gave an insight into various creatures of the area - both friendly, hostile and insanity-causing.


I have to say that its quite exciting to read and feel the events as if they are actually happening in the real world. ARGs of TSW are surprisingly done well and it offers the would-be-players a view into on how it all(the story and lore) began - from Amundsen's expedition into arctic(which smells strangely similar to H.P.Lovecraft's "At The Mountains of Madness"), to the affairs and manipulations between various societies(including the npc ones) to the kingsmouth.

I have to give props on whoever is designing it. The "photos" and visual material in ARG feels very creepy.

Anyway for anyone who is interested in game, I recommend following the arg, as in a sense, arg will, seemingly, continue even after game launches and some parts of the mmo will require you to do "actual out-of-game" research similar to what has been going on in ARG of tsw.

From the latest tweets it seems that the next "big thing" in kingsmouth will happen this sunday.



  • terroniterroni Ya, INPosts: 935Member

    Yeah I was following this game for a bit till I realized I wasn't smart enough for it.

    oh well.

    Drop the next-gen marketing and people will argue if the game itself has merit.

  • MMO.MaverickMMO.Maverick WonderlandPosts: 7,619Member Common

    Ah, I remember the ARG (= alternate roleplaying game, had to look it up the first time I encountered the term) and the Kingsmouth tweets from last Spring, but then it got really quiet, no activity for months on them.

    So you're saying they've started again? Hmm, gonna take a look at the official site then.


    edit: I checked the official forums, couldn't find any recent updates of the Kingsmouth tweets, neither about the big news that was supposed to happen this week. If someone has info about it, a link'd be appreciated.

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