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Maple Story Is Alright!

FrankyDragonFrankyDragon OxfordPosts: 31Member




I'll say a few things about Maple Story!


I've played Maple story for an odd month or two a few times through the years, I usually play it when I'm really bored and have nothing to do.

It is an alright game, it looks like it for kids but it really can be for the whole market! It has a lot of content.

I admit the game isn't brilliant but for me its something to do every now and then...

I saw someone say its all grinding..they obviously haven't got into the game that much because I got to level 25 or so just from a couple of days doing quests which was quite fun.

I rate Maple Story 5/10, its free, you don't lose anything, give it a go!

My name is Frank :)



  • LeagolxLeagolx Kearney, MIPosts: 222Member

    I recommend trying the new expansion. :)

    If your going to ban the trolls please for our sake ban the Fan Boys too.

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