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General: 2010 Awards: New Game of the Year



  • synfulsynful las vegas, NVPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Hi, I also added none of the above I am still waiting for an mmorpg to come along that gives you the feeling that you cant stop playing it, When your at work or school the only thing you can think about is that next level or how to score the highest hit point right now it is sad to say that there is not one game out there that does this I think all of the mmorpg makers need to go back to the drawing board and find out what gamers are looking for and what they expect  form an mmorpg  and build the game from the ground up from a gamers point of view ........ 

  • GaraPGaraP PortoPosts: 10Member

    Originally posted by smaklaga

    Originally posted by GaraP

    Originally posted by M4ko

    Originally posted by GaraP

    Sorry but if you say you only played Mortal for minutes, then you can't make a review of it. It's obviously not the game for you, since you quit a game10 minutes after starting it.


    so when youre offered a cake made out of dog crap youd have to eat it all to solidify your opinion?  Another hopeless fanboi.


    And you're doing a pointless comparison, i guess that pretty much says your level of intelligence and why you only played the game for 10 minutes.

     Do you really want me to answer to that? Ok.

    When you eat a cake made of crap, the entire cake is a single piece - crap. So once you've had a bit of it, you know the rest. "Once you've seen a star, you've seen em all" right? What if the cake has coconut also, and you hate coconut? Makes it awful for you, cause it's not what you like.

    What if the cake had the most splendorous and orgasmich crunch inside of it, right in the middle, just a little bit, and you had to eat past the crap to get to the gold? Can you say that you've experienced the whole cake if you only ate a tiny piece of it's frosting? No, you can't.


    And your experience in Mortal basically was this: You made a new character, you saw no world map, no global chat, no guides, no quests, some bugs (and I'm going to say you played it at release probably) and you stopped playing it. In this case, the coconut of the cake were the things that Mortal Online doesn't have, because it doesn't want to have. You don't like it, but you're not the kind of person who enjoys this type of games. MO was not made for you. Same with the cake.

    Now, you probably saw bugs and desynch, or server instability. Sure, that's crap. No one likes it. It's the crap from every cake. Its being fixed though. And if you can't bear with it for some time, shame. Thing is, MO has a lot more than that. It has its crunch past all the crap. Thing is, you can't experience it cause you don't know how to review a game.


    Does that answer your question Mr. M4ko?


    btw that was me and not  M4ko that said minutes.  So you fail.  Thanks, M4ko for the backup :)


    And I was answering to his question, and using your example, learn how to read mate.

    And yes, you said minutes. And you know that you said minutes cause you wanted to make a huge impression on how you think MO sucks. I don't know if you played for half an hour, or two hours. It's the same. You can't review a MMO with only 2hours of gameplay.

    Looking for new sig...

  • LufangaLufanga WarszawaPosts: 28Member



    else is crap

  • ZarriZarri WarsawPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    Only Perpetuum ! The Game of the year !

  • catlanacatlana Houston, TXPosts: 1,677Member

    I voted None of the above, this was a pretty disappointing year for new MMOs. I have high hopes next year will be better.

  • raff01raff01 PARISPosts: 453Member

    So where are the vote stats?

  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Somewhere in nowherePosts: 2,432Member Uncommon

    Voted "None of the above"...


    1) FFXIV: the worst mmo I have ever played; not only is it a mess, it is also an annoying mess.

    2) Global Agenda: worth purchasing, but far too limited in content and it stretches the definition of 'MMO' to say the least.

    While fun at times, not worthy of the title 'game of the year' imo.

    3) LEGO: can't comment as I did not play it.

    4) Mortal Online: an even worse mess than FFXIV, but at least a less annoying mess. Still a positively horrible experience by what seems like an unprofessional team.

    5) Perpetuum: can't comment.

    6) STO: can't comment.

    7) Vindictus: can't comment because this game is unavailable in my region.

    Feel free to use my referral link for SW:TOR if you want to test out the game. You'll get some special unlocks!

  • If whatever game won this got to put on the front page "Best of the worst" I would of voted for an actual game, probably Mortal online because it the most innovative, and should have a good future. However none of these games deserves a "best game of the year" award on the front page.

    Just my opinion anyways, so I voted for none of the above..



  • Perdition_ukPerdition_uk YorkPosts: 181Member

    Giving an award to something for being "the least shit of the year" is just wrong... so None of the Above here I'm sad to say.

  • tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon

    Perpetuum got my vote. A real surpriser.

  • funkmastaDfunkmastaD Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 647Member

    It was between perpetuum and Mortal Online for me, but Perpetuum just didn't grab my interest like MO did.  One thing can be said for MO, even those who hate it can't get it out of their minds.

  • ParadoxyParadoxy New York, ALPosts: 786Member

    Originally posted by funkmastaD

    It was between perpetuum and Mortal Online for me, but Perpetuum just didn't grab my interest like MO did.  One thing can be said for MO, even those who hate it can't get it out of their minds.

    For all the wrong reasons yeah.

    Who could have thought that WOW could bring super power like USA to its knees?

    Originally posted by Arcken

    To put it in a nutshell, our society is about to hit the fan, grades are dropping, obesity is going up,childhood the USA is going to lose its super power status before too long, but hey, as long as we have a cheap method to babysit our kids, all will be well no?
    Im picking on WoW btw because its the beast that made all of this possible

  • disownationdisownation Wadsworth, OHPosts: 243Member Uncommon

    Voted Vindictus. Been loving the action-based combat - its refreshing. And I've always loved dungeon crawls.

  • TheReaLOoBeRTheReaLOoBeR Mill Creek, WAPosts: 1Member

    Perpetuum has all the makings of an epic sandbox MMO and is surprisingly well put together for a small indie company.


  • majinantmajinant ChristchurchPosts: 408Member Uncommon

    How do I vote? Been searching for 2 days now...


  • MimiEZMimiEZ Highlands Ranch, COPosts: 225Member

    Originally posted by majinant

    How do I vote? Been searching for 2 days now...

    Click the Read More: Vote blah blah blah link, then scroll down at the bottom of the post

    -I want a Platformer MMO

  • majinantmajinant ChristchurchPosts: 408Member Uncommon

    That is where I am posting from. 



    Now It’s Your Turn

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Global Agenda

    LEGO Universe

    Mortal Online

    None of the above


    Star Trek Online


    However they are not links. They do nothing...


  • VorgrimScoutVorgrimScout ExeterPosts: 2Member

    Well, Perpetuum is shaping up to be a great little mmo. May it grow and grow :)

  • amotholenamotholen IzmirPosts: 18Member

    none of above; the reason for changing game every month >_>

    LF PvP game...for years...

    Current: changing game everyday
    Played: Shaiya, Aion, Perfect World(short time), Aika
    Tried: EQ2, DAOC, LOTR, Atlantica Online...
    Future: Any pvp game..couldnt found yet...

  • OzzieorlOzzieorl LincolnPosts: 14Member

    Hi, I voted for Perpetuum.  A really good MMO with a lot of potential for the future. I hope it does well for the game of the year.  I've only played 2 of the others so can't comment on them all, BUT, this beats the 2 I have played hands down.  I haven't mentioned the names of the 2 games - as this is just my opinion, and the voting process is to get everyones opinion image


    Best wishes - Ozzie

  • FireForkFireFork HunnebostrandPosts: 64Member

    Perpetuum, IMO, end of story, That will be my second world from now on for a loong loong time, without doubt best game of the year, best and most impressive and smart skill system vs any other mmo ever.

    My vote  ? ? ? ? ?


  • FireForkFireFork HunnebostrandPosts: 64Member

    lol, not ?????

    i gave it 5 stars but... :D

  • OzzallosOzzallos Runes of Magic Correspondent Phoenix, AZPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    Vindictus. But i gotta say, out of that entire list it's ironically that's Vindictus is the only game that's not an MMO. I'm sorry, but staged five manned instances does not make for "massive". It's a five man playstation game, no more, no less.

  • reanorreanor BananaPosts: 434Member


  • XiaothXiaoth Scottsdale, AZPosts: 4Member

    I think "None of the Above" was supposed to be for "I liked a game that isn't on this list"--a positive vote for something that's out there. But unfortunately there's nothing else out there worth mentioning.

    I know what would get my vote for "Most Dispappointing", though. That'd be STO.

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