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Post Rift VIP Requests and Key Offers Here



  • kavatzkavatz Mineral Wells, TXPosts: 1Member

    I want a key

  • ZarjiinZarjiin Spokane Valley, WAPosts: 1Member

    I would like a key

  • zazzzazz Posts: 405Member Uncommon

    Would be a DREAM! would love a key please im too excited.


  • geppo20geppo20 los angeles, CAPosts: 1Member

    a key would be soo nice if there is any left psl send me one

  • ltankltank Fort Myers, FLPosts: 292Member Uncommon

    VIP key requested.

  • solarfoxsolarfox earth, MDPosts: 53Member

    may i have VIP key plz

  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx North York, ONPosts: 2,388Member Uncommon
    may i have a vip key please.

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  • eltgmoneyeltgmoney La Mesa, CAPosts: 48Member Uncommon

    I would like a VIP key if anyone can throw one my way. Thanks!

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  • JabshakkJabshakk Independence, MOPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Would love a key please!!! :)

  • rygar218rygar218 altamonte springs, FLPosts: 332Member Uncommon

    I would like a key please Mike B thanks!! :D

  • shadow417shadow417 antwerpen, NYPosts: 170Member

    I would love one please.


  • StrieferStriefer Calgary, ABPosts: 62Member Uncommon

    I would really love a key!

  • redcap036redcap036 AdelaidePosts: 1,226Member Uncommon

    Yes please, I would luv a key, cheers!

  • cyress8cyress8 Croatia, VTPosts: 832Member

    Would also like to have a key. :D


  • cshanorcshanor Huntsville, ALPosts: 64Member

    I would love a VIP key also. Very interested in this game.

  • ilovespoonsilovespoons Flat Rock, MIPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    I would like to have a key also, thanks. Please :)

  • AvanahAvanah Posts: 1,230Member Uncommon

    I would love a VIP Key if any are available.


    Thank you in advance for the possibility.

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  • DraxonflyDraxonfly Wagga WaggaPosts: 126Member Uncommon

    If anyone is so kind enough, I would really love to have a VIP invite to Rift too, pretty please with sugar on top.. <3 <3


  • jbrutaljbrutal Posts: 17Member Uncommon

    i'm bored, so i would love something new to play please give me a beta key

  • COOKERplCOOKERpl DublinPosts: 63Member

    Man can't even say how badly I wanna get that vip key. WANT IT SO MUCH.

    Managed to get 2 normal ones but no luck, they didn't pick me... and I want to be in beta for Guardians event as I will play Guardians side in release 100%.

  • gizackgizack Flushing, NYPosts: 59Member Uncommon

    I would love to get  vip key for RIFT. ive been waiting for sooooooooooooooooo long!

  • ajw75ajw75 glenflora, WIPosts: 3Member

    Looking for a Beta Key -  thnx

    anthony webster

  • MrkuikenMrkuiken HengeloPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    Would like a Key aswell

  • OnijinOnijin cherokee, OKPosts: 44Member Uncommon

    I'd like the chance to get my hands dirty with some Rift action. Haven't played an MMO in awhile, quit WoW 6 months ago.. finally heh. Would be nice to try something new and refreshing. Been hearing a lot of good things about this. So if ya got a spare key I'd greatly appreciate the offer would even hep out in game as much as I could.

  • Tashani7Tashani7 Leander, TXPosts: 56Member Uncommon

    Would also love to get into the Beta testing, have plenty of time to dedicate to it. Thanks, in advance, if anyone has one available!

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