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Question about released date for Big Bang?

RagekouRagekou Lowell, MAPosts: 21Member

Hello Maple people!


I heard a rumor about Big Bang and it's so true.  I just wanted to know what important about MapleStory Big Bang.  Will it ever same graphic, RP, and strategy?  I'm just curious because I haven't played MapleStory for almost 2 years!  It's just everything this same or that same, you know?


I just want to know what release date for this Big Bang.  Thanks.



P.S., If it's ever same everything about MapleStory, I might still or wouldn't play again! :P



  • rsaccountrsaccount hefeiPosts: 3Member

    23th, November, 2010

    now visit home page

  • RagekouRagekou Lowell, MAPosts: 21Member

    I checked its homepages.  Serious?  This Dec?!   The MapleStory I played is soon no longer used?!  New MapleStory world, what?!   It's like part 2?  Oh geesh, I can't believe.  Hmmm I don't know I can play or not.  I will check what's the update sometimes.   :P

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