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Is this turd still warm?

JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Vancouver, BCPosts: 96Member

Anyone playing this at all?  Has there been any improvements since 2008 or did the dev's all die from huffing gasoline in the garage?



  • fatenabu1fatenabu1 Hannibal, MOPosts: 381Member

    They all died, you mean you didn't go to the funeral?

  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Vancouver, BCPosts: 96Member

    i must have missed it as i have been spending a lot of time masturbating with a cheese grater and stomping on kittens.

    I hope there will be a Ruin II...maybe they will call it "Ruined" and get the pain over with at the beginning...

  • fatenabu1fatenabu1 Hannibal, MOPosts: 381Member

    and in Ruined you can do a new feature called marriage, where you characters life can be"Ruined" just like a real person's :D

  • ZakorZakor Pas de tes affaires, ONPosts: 214Member Uncommon

    LMFAO @ the thread title!

    Now playing : FFXIV
    Waiting on : TBD
    Best MMORPGs played : EQ, FFXI

  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Vancouver, BCPosts: 96Member

    I want to be able to give birth to crack babies so i can have their lives "Ruined" as well. 

    And maybe get some bonus points for pushing cripple people down the stairs...

  • fatenabu1fatenabu1 Hannibal, MOPosts: 381Member

    i also want to run for president and promise health care but not deliever it for i can ruin poor people's lives too

  • JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Vancouver, BCPosts: 96Member

    ...or run for president and start a war (crusade?) based completely on lies and Ruin the lives of millions around the world !!

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