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SecondLife Copybotting Groups?

RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

The Butthurt Report Form OF Secondlife Copybot 2009.

Hi, this is my first post about secondlife I believe here, I would like to explain to everyone what the bad things are about secondlife. Secondlife as you may know, is a great simulator, and the most realistic MMO currently to play as far as real life.

In General Secondlife is Great, You can create things, Re Live anyother MMORPG you want to, avatar wise, Roleplay anything you wish almost, Talk, Meet, chat ect. However Beyond all this fun is one thing that will bring destruction to SecondLife, we all know it as CopyBot 2.2. In early 2007/2008 They already had this Secondlife Software out that could do these types of things to others.

Right now there are a ton of copybot groups in secondlife, and people who help with copybotting illegally. Over the past Months I have witness many people Copybotting from Various Creators throught SecondLife, and ruining peoples businesses.

I am not sure how many of you all have heard but In SecondLife there is a roleplay Called Gorean. In GOR/Gorean you roleplay on books based by John Norman, It can be really great, but as of 2009 It has turned to hell.

There is a person within secondlife named Hope Shim, This person has been Illegaly Violating Intellectual Properity Rights of other people within SecondLife, She has been running a group with her friends Named ocklewa Taluna's Desguized as a roleplay group. These Guys have been stealing content throught secondlife for quite some time now, There are Tons of other groups who are involved with them, Including a group named Dijan Panthers, which is lead by

Bacala Pera, and the simulator they are in is owned by Wikked Crystal. Dijan Panthers claims to not know anything about Illegal Content Theft, OR Support Illegal content theft, However the Owners of the group Refuse to Kick Hope Shims friends related to their group, And Ban the only person who knows the truth off of their estate.

This was all noticed begining like 7-8 Months ago now in a group named Sisters OF Hura, on a estate named doomed isle. Where me and a few friends witnessed copybotted/stolen content by a guy named Damien Spore. HE admited to me within Secondlife of copybotting it for the Leader OF Sisters OF Hura, Smiggles Decuir. After Investergating all of the evidence found within the copybotting, and briging it out to Smiggles, She Ignored everything, and let it continue. A couple of weeks or so after the drama had ended I met Hope Shim, in another roleplay group Black Canyon panthers, and found out she was another copybotter. For Weeks, or longer I had explained to her, that stealing other Peoples Intellectual properity was wrong, and then a couple of months or so down the line she betrays me,fully copybots my avatar off of me, and Complains because she said I passed out some Animations that were stolen by her to Ian Cisse which I did way back before I knew they were stolen. The Animations were by Vista Barnes. But Copybotted by Hope Shim. After all of This, Hope shim was kicked from black canyon, for being rude, and worse, But now leads her own group on a estate called Auction 3. Her group has multiple connections throught GOR, within multiple groups.

Dijan panthers has been one of the worst groups I have argued with, as they Have Admins, GG Paulino, Bacala Pera, who are both in Hope Shims botting group. For about a month now I have argued them about the botters, and the botters helpers/friends being in their groups, and Using their Roleplay raids, For Hope Shim, and her friends to Copy/RIP other peoples skins. I have talked with GG about this whole mess, and she sticks right beside Hope Shims group, and Hope Shim herself, as well as her roleplay mother, and Wont break from the people who are doing a lot of things to hurt SecondLife, and our community.

As FOR Sisters OF Hura, where this all started to begin with, There was a chance to stop the hacking from going on, but their group Leader Smiggles Decuir Supported this type of stuff happening, and wouldn't do anything to stop it. As A result Thousands of Innocent Gorean's PAID the cost for one single group of people who at the time could have stopped most of this from happening today. As for the gorean world in secondlife today it is full of cheaters,

people who can fake Scripts, meters, ect, and everything now.

Also Be aware that some of the simulator owners, are Behind this hacking in Secondlife. Their names are Ali Akami, Ronnie Vale, as well as possible Niccole Inglewood. When I notified these people about Hope Shim's hacking, and other various Things Ronnie Vale, and Ali Akami Refused to Listen. Niccole Inglewood Listend to it, But did not really take it too seriously in my view, as she Said i was helping Hope Shim, and her groups myself, and threw up a banwall on me, and everyone else who was involved Hope Shim, and myself, Becuase I know too much about all of this stuff. However Hope Shims botter friends, and Hope Shims Alternate accounts Remain in Dijan today.

There are Many other groups Involved, and helping them OF Course, You just have to check profiles of people, and see who is where, and all of this other stuff. This is how I found out about it, and I experienced it, and witnessed it first hand within secondlife.


The Facts for sure.

Hope Shim has Copybotted, and has her friends in many of SecondLife's Gorean Groups.

The Sim Owners Ronnie Vale, Ali akami, Refused to Do anything about the botters on their sims.

Niccole Inglewood, Bacala Pera, Wont kick the botters Off their estate fully, Some of the botters friends are still there, and reporting info back to hope shim of course, and Accuse me of helping them myself. 

After saying this, OF Course, there are going to be many debates about the Lack OF Evidence. But I will explain to you a bit about the copybot.

Using a copybot as of 2009 on secondlife, It is possible to Spoof Names of creators, Use Origional asset keys from stuff to spoof the exact same copy, Rip Content Out of vendors without paying, and much more, Even Stealing scripts. Therefore Proving something can be a really hard thing to do.


Bottom Line is this.

What are the content creators going to do to protect their creations this time?

Who are the people going to believe, aPeople who have connections with Hope Shim's Bot Group? or someone who has nothing to do with the Illegal Thefts, but a lot of knowledge about what has been going on, and someone who actually has a way to detect other botters within SecondLife.

OH yeah, and for those of you who play secondlife, and Hate me for exposing the truth, or those of you botters out there. Hate me all you want.

I Honestly Think that people Who are roleplaying in GOR, and do not want their Creations Stolen, I advise They stay away from the Following Simulators. Jungles OF Schendi, Auction 3, and Lake Las. These area's have been Red Flagged, For lots of copybot Activity, and Unresponsible Administration on the Most Part. However This is everyones Choice, and stuff, Please Remember, that even though you may wish to roleplay here Its other peoples content creations others will steal off your backs, Not theirs. So I sugguest if your an innocent person, New To Secondlife, or New To Gor, Do not get involved with these people, and For Sure, dont get involved with alliances. Join a Nice Peaceful Group In the Nortern Forest, OR River De Bois, which do not in any way have alliances, and all issues are taken care of fast. This was my mistake, of never knowing what I was going to get myself into on SecondLife.

Last But Not Least I love the USA, First Amedment Freedom OF Speech, I know I have been Threatend Before, and so have my other friends for giving out this info. Go Ahead, Try and Lawsuite me. Under the First Amedment you cant.

What do you all Think?

Has secondlife Gone Mad?

How Long Will SecondLife Be around like this?

You Tell me?




  • Kaelaan21Kaelaan21 Woburn, MAPosts: 349Member Uncommon

    Well, keep in mind that this wasn't made by Linden Labs, which have released statements informing users that using it in a way that steals intellectual property - is not only a violation of the user agreement, but also is a form of copyright infrigement punishable by law. Most users are also completely against it. So, I don't think that SL has gone mad.


    On the flip side, it's not enforcable and will be a loosing battle if one trys. Simply because the accounts are free and are "disposable". Also, this has been going on in various forms for several years, but not in such an easy access package as copybot. There is no way to prevent it. All of the models are rendered on the client. The textures are downloaded from the server and applied on the models. The scripts are downloaded from the server and run on the client subscribing to events triggered on the server side. So, basically, the client by design will need to access the object geometry, textures and scripts. Once it's on the client computer - any decent hacker knows how to snoop process memory as well watch direct x handles and intercept calls - allowing them to copy object data and textures. Scripts on the other hand are a little more difficult which is why copybot didn't support script exporting for a long time.


    Even encrypting all of the data is useless, because it will eventually need to be rendered by direct X which sends the commands through your video card driver unencrypted. To actually protect it, video cards would need to accept the model, shader and texture data in an encrypted format and render them in an encrypted format completely inside the GPU. Any assistance from a driver would allow it to be reverse engineered. This would also be helpful in preventing hacking in FPSes as well. Aimbots killed the fun on many FPS games for me. Punkbuster and Gameguard are a joke when you know how to get to around them.


    The alternative, would be to have the server render everything and the client would simply send keyboard and mouse commands to the server and display audio/feeds that are rendered on the server. This is extremely cost prohibitive though.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,962Member Epic

    TLDR.  Quit getting real life simulators mixed in with my games. 

    But in skimming through, who knew that SL had issues with hackers and cheaters, thanks for bring that to our attention.

    Dishonest people everywhere, in real life and in our games.


    On hiatus from EVE Online since Dec 2016 - Screw off-grid PVE boosting changes

    Pouring on extra "Salt" for 2017

    In my day MMORPG's were so hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow, uphill both ways.

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  • pauldriverpauldriver WaterfordPosts: 198Member

    They need to start giving you awesome weapons in game (I'm thinking BFG) and a proper death penalty. Even if it doesn't solve anything it will sure make you feel better to blow their "special parts" off.

    (I know its not a viable solution but the image of second life degenerating into an eve online on foot did make me smile)

    Jam is sticky.

  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

    I really Love Second Life Despite the problems it has. Half of the botting only happens because of peoples own ignorance to realise the truth of what is happening around them within the Virtual world. I mean Half the Sim owners, or people in secondlife are like. I have known this group for 3 Years, They Would never do anything like that, and some sim owners, are just as ignorant as that, so they just ban anyone who says that Someone is doing something wrong, or brings it  to their attention. So they help the botters out, and of course all the content creators get ripped, then everyone has to pay a higher cost for an item they want to buy from them because of them having to put more time into their work. But Yeah other than this SL is a really great Simulator/Game.

  • altairzqaltairzq barcelonaPosts: 3,811Member

    I don't know if it's because of this or not, but I have returned to SL after 5 months and looks much more empty now. And lots of  bots (not copybots, bots, avatars that are not really persons but that count as one) in every sim with higher traffic, so I'm assuming half of the population are bots. Really sad seeing SL going downhill.

  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

    Well Secondlife has a lot of bot Controlled users, I have only been on the main grid for about 10 Months now. SecondLife has went down hill with a lot of things, but a lot of people now use automated bots LSL to Greet people to their stores, or send people items or landmarks. They also use bots to Kick people of estates, who have no profile data, or are bots as well.

    As far as secondlife dying, It is because of peoples own ignorance, Gorean Roleplayers, and Other Roleplay Communities, that Have proof of copybotting, But They  dont ban the copybotters and enforce that they Leave the Copybotters groups. Dijan Panthers from GOR Lake Las did this, and they banned me too for simply knowing too much about this type of stuff, and Hope Shim, but Left all their copybotting Friends, as well as Possible alt accounts in their groups, And even Gave estate rights to someone who helps Hope Shim Bot.

    But at the same time we have communities like NOR, and Friends, and Militaries like Iron Symphony, and ORDO, and 2142, ect. That Do Not Allow Copybotting of any type, and will do something about it. There are plenty of Legit people still in secondlife, you just have to know them, find them, and trust them.

    I dont fully Think SecondLife is dying because it has a lot of great things still in it, I think over all us Legal people will win over Botters. With everything I know today that I didn't know in the past, Knowledge is Power, But How you use it  can be good or bad. It is kind of like The First Person to Discover Fusion, and The Atom, Both Good and Bad. Same With Copybotters, and Copybot Viewers like Neil Life, It has many great potentials, and Therefore I support it for those who are going to do great things with it, But People who are going to just use, and abuse it,  And Steal peoples work I dont agree, as for some people they have told me they are poor so they steal other peoples work, and I was like They feed their families with this money they make in secondlife, and Honestly if they were poor people on secondlife who couldn't really afford too much, as sometimes even I cant, I would glady give them something I created, as I enjoy sharing of Idea's, and My creations on secondlife, as would a lot of other content creators I am sure of, rather than Being ripped and having their stuff thrown all around with no credit even given to them.

  • paulscottpaulscott WI rapids, WIPosts: 5,613Member

    I agree that Copybotting is a problem.   And pretty much always has been and always will be.   The client is essentially opensource,  so even if they "stop" current copy bot problems anything that is stored on the client is copyable with your own client(Prims, Textures, a few "special" properties).   Most scripts should in theory be ok but I'm not sure.


    To be honest botting has always been used.   When I played a year and a half ago I would bet quite a bit that atleast 30% of people on were bots,  and would be willing to say up to 50%.    Bots are just too useful and cheap to maintain.

    I find it amazing that by 2020 first world countries will be competing to get immigrants.

  • vorashuvorashu Sauk Centre, MNPosts: 20Member
    Originally posted by Renoaku

    Last But Not Least I love the USA, First Amedment Freedom OF Speech, I know I have been Threatend Before, and so have my other friends for giving out this info. Go Ahead, Try and Lawsuite me. Under the First Amedment you cant.



    actually it IS illegal.  its called slander.  maybe you should think before saying something so stupid. 


    oh and learn to spell dumbass.

  • joker007mojoker007mo joplin, MOPosts: 712Member

    after having played sl for about 4 years or so it got very old and yea it started dying after they banned casinos

    as for the copy botting it doesnt suprise me and you can have guns got a couple carduccis myself actually all that aside

    the property rights are enforcable but dont see it happening based on the fact you sign away all that in the eula if you read the fine print on it it states everything in game belengs to linden labs or something to that effect


  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

    Me and a few of my friends on SecondLife, some who I have known for almost two years, and trust a lot, have been researching the Copybotting for over a year about. We have came across Where the worst has started in the roleplay Simulators of SecondLife, and has began to Spread outward. What we do in secondlife, is when we Notice a copybotter In the roleplay community, we file an abuse report on them with the evidence, then we contact their Roleplay Groups Leaders about it, Present all Evidence we have on the person, or people involved. Third We Contact the content Creator, and Inform them of what has been stolen, with Snapshots, Notecards, Text ect.

    I recomend staying away from the following simulators/estates in SecondLife, as the Estate Owners do not really give a damn about the thefts, or the illegal botting, or activities. But Instead they ban those who infom them of it.

    Doomed Isle,  Rented to Zammy Ziskey,   Owner OF Estate minijean Dodonpa

    Jungles OF Schendi, Owner Ali Akami 

    Lake Las, Owner  Wikked Crystal

    Auction 3 Rented By Estate Company, sheena797 Navarita is the renter.


    These 4 Simulators within SecondLife, Have been known for supporting the Thefts for many months, and Personally I would Recomend everyone staying away from these estates, Maybe Neighboring Estates, as the Copybotters can copybot up to 3 simulators away. Although no one can force anyone to do anything within SecondLife, it is best that you remember that you are wearing other peoples content, the skins you paid for, your clothes ect, and IT is their stuff they are stealing off your bodys, and reselling, ect. This means it wont hurt you, but it will hurt a lot of other creators, and cause prices to go up.


    Doomed Isle is where it began, My Friend in SecondLife, and I were all framed For Griefing the Simulator Ect, And Banned. This was a little Before We Noticed a group Sisters OF Hura, Lead by smiggles decuir had copybotters.

    Jungles OF Schendi, Sisters OF Hura, Moved into this estate, and we immediately contacted sim admin staff Ali Akami, and Ronnie Vale, and other admins and sent notecards, with evidence of what was going on, They banned US off their estate, and Continnued to allow them to copybot skins off of people, and never responded to us other than the following. IT IS OUR ESTATE, WE DO WHAT WE WANT. 

    Lake Las, Is the simulator where Dijan Panthers are, Dijan Panthers is lead by Bacala Pera, It was origionally Created by someone else, but passed down to her. This person herself Acted very nicely toward us when we contacted them, and Everything, But refused to kick all the botters, and the botters friends out of their Sim, and Groups, when they said that they would with the evidence prestend. Bacala Pera also joined the copybotters group Lead By Sheena797 Navarita, and Hope Shim, and quite a few members of theirs are in it.

    Auction3, This sim is rented to a group called Ocklewa Talunas, This is the head of the group, where Hope Shim, and her alternate accounts pass out Gorean Hacks, Cheaters, and Copybots, as well as copybotted items to her friends in this group, and to people she trusts. I spent 8 Months gaining their trust, and talking to them about it, Got them to admit everything to me, and Give me lots of stolen animations, Skins from Emilia Redgrave, ect. When I had enough, we contacted the content creators, ect, and made abuse reports.

    I am not fully sure, as we are banned off of Auction3, But I believe it is rented to sheena797 Navarita, by a Land Rental Company called (RGF) Really Good Friends Estate in SecondLife. The Manager was contacted, and So was the person who owns this company, and they did nothing about the Illegal Thefts happening on their rented land, Considering OF Course that this is Rented by their Company, Which I Believe it is. sheena797 Navarita Who claims to have known nothing about any of this was present During the time of Hope Shim, Cheating, exploting, and Copybotting items, She is also in the Dijan Panther Group, and Immedately Lied to us, then Threatend to report us for harassing their IM, when we asked them about it.

    We Have atempted to contact Estate Owners, Group Leaders of all Four of these, But they refuse to review what evidence we had, and do something about it, as a  result me, and all of my close roleplaying Friends in SecondLife, have Black Listed All OF These estates, we will not even go to them, Our Friends wont go to them.

    And Finally a recomendation to new Gorean Roleplayers, OR Maybe general roleplayers.

    To Avoid Drama in SecondLife between Groups, Families, ect. DO Not Cross Tribe, OR Cross Group, OR Join groups that allow this. Instead go to a simulator Like Rive De Bois, OR Other estates, that Scan other people and do not allow it in any way. This will help cut down on the Copybotting, and The Roleplay Drama, as 90% OF This Copybotting, has been Related TO Members From Sisters OF Hura, Mixing with Dijan Panthers, and Ocklewa Talunas Mixing With Sisters OF Hura, Allies OF Lush, Dijan Panthers, Ect. And It just starts a chain, which causes Drama + helps the botters take more, and ruin roleplay for everyone else.


    I personally would not mind casino's in SecondLife. Zyngo is a casino, although Linden Labs considers it a game of skill, it is still using Real Life Money, and should be removed as well. Although I Fully support gambling, it can be fun, and it is with Virtual Money, not Real Money, Therefore the same gambling law's wouldn't apply wherever or not you pay $4.16 USD per 1000 L$ And gamble 1000 L$ out to a person, it is the same for any MMO, or any other game. World OF Warcraft selling Virtual Gold, Gambling that out in World OF Warcraft, or Final Fantasy Could be considered the same thing really. I think personally that gambling should be put back, and legal, as long as there are disclaimers put up by the casino company, and it is not done using Any Cheats, or cheat scripts of any kind, I think it should be a residents Own Will to put out a gambling table, and say okay I bet you 1000 L$ that I will get this bet, ect, or play cards. I think it should be allowed. Im  sure some people still do it under ground though lol.

  • GOTH_GIRLGOTH_GIRL ParisPosts: 2Member

    Hello I checked what renoaku says and honestly I found just lies. The only copybotter i was able to find is a dude called Gothgirl Demonia. He is a male but he plays female and this let you know what kinda weak man he is. He owns a sim called Alcove attented by a few copybotters. Some of them were banned by Lindens. Infact if yo go in Alcove you still find a lot of objects owned by a copybotter called Tekk Ixtar and if yo search him in secondlife he doesnt exist anymore. Tekk Ixtar was best friend of Gothgirl Demonia (actually Renoaku on this forum). He is a scammer selling a viewer called Secondlife professional edition and both gothgirl and Tekk planned to blackmail land owners. they planned to protect Sims installing a program able to check people IP and eventually ban the IP, if owner doesnt agree they regolarly go crash the sim using the viewer functions. unfortunately she was banned from a lot of sims as soon as she started to crash the sim so he started a drama accusing people to copybot. Honestly I don'k understand the meaning of this thread started by a liar accusing people, making names not having any proof acting like a policeman and judging people. I have all the notecard proving he admits to have the viewer.

    [2009/08/21 18:31] xxx xxx: how you can get shape

    [2009/08/21 18:32] GothGirl Demonia: i just click 2 buttons

    [2009/08/21 18:32] GothGirl Demonia: and it makes a copy of it in my inventory

    [2009/08/21 18:32] xxx xxx: what you have?

    [2009/08/21 18:32] GothGirl Demonia: Private viewer made by my own development team

    [2009/08/21 18:32] GothGirl Demonia: its about 800MB now

    [2009/08/25 4:10] GothGirl Demonia: you have to have this program that I have, and a activation code, which I cant even break

    [2009/08/25 4:10] GothGirl Demonia: it doesnt come out for 3 more months

    [2009/08/25 4:10] GothGirl Demonia: then if you have a copy of maya, hexagon, and cs4

    [2009/08/25 4:10] GothGirl Demonia: you can hack shapes :D

    [2009/08/25 4:10] GothGirl Demonia: and all kinda shit

    He also uses alts like Rebecca Shipmans and Jaden Xenno. Actually he made a new female alt and joined one of the groups he was banned from just to take pics and making fake accuses. He tries to ruin the game harassing people in IM trying to blackmail them, thats the reason he is regularly banned from most part of  Gor sims but I would like to know from moderators what is the sense of these threads and why they permit everybody to write names and places ruining people goodwill. Who cares of his miserable life in Sl or worse in real and who cares what he thinks about people. He tried to report to Lindens and I personally had my avatar suspended for a check from Lindens. This is their response:

    Dear xxx xxx, Thank you for your patience while we worked on your Second Life account. It has been re-enabled. We hope that this did not impact your Second Life too severely, and apologize for any inconvenience that it may have caused.

    And so for my friends too. I would suggest the admins to vlose this thread and ban Renoaku from this place this is not a tribunal and nobody can accuse people.

    Have all a nice 2010

  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

    First of all id like to make a few things clear about Smiggles Decuir, and Hope Shim. I personally do not care about gorean drama in the virtual world, and I do not care about alternate accounts. I Am aware of the rumors going around about myself, and the people who work with me. I am aware about the long notecard Smiggles Decuir Wrote about me and sent out, which is over a page long. If it were not for the sake of these forums, and forum spam like you do, I would post the entire Logs here. America Is freedom of speech, so I am not going to threaten with Childish Lawsuites, and stuff like you guys have in game.

    Unlike you guys I do not threaten Creators like Others who make an entire system for all of us, then a bunch of little kids think it is fun to cheat on. You can flame, and spam me all you like, make accusations about me being Rebecca all you want, Falcify Chatlogs, edit, or spam me, or anyone I know. It is not going to work for you. As chatlogs can be faked in world true or not, Linden Labs has to verifiy them against the database records. What I do know for a fact is that you guys Commit Thefts using Origional assets, and Spoof creators, Spoof Using emerald Life to claim your innocent, no one is going to know the difference, But I do, because I am not a dumb person like a lot of people dont know about any of this.  AS Linden Labs can only Ban an account if it has Uploaded New Assets to the database that have been copybotted, Using/Abusing stuff that the origional creators already uploaded to the database is not detectable yet. And that is why they find nothing on you.

    Some Creators in SecondLife, are To Ignorant to see the truth, those who dont will get hacked, botted, stolen from, and I could care less, But Fact is I have spoke to Many merchrants through SL, when I talk to of something that is stolen, and I tell them exactly how they are doing it, How it happens, and give them a list of ways they can protect themselfs often, and half of them do care.

    What I would really like to make Clear, is Smiggles, Sisters OF Hura, Allies OF Lush, and many other groups in SecondLife ran by these people claimed not to know any of this, but about maybe 4-5 days ago I believe we caught Hope Shim, All her friends who help her bot inside of the estate of Jungles OF Schendi with them, and we all took pictures of it to back that up, We talked to a lot of content creators, and we showed them the proof. Now if you dont like this, Then Move your sim somewhere else, Get Top Notch security, and your solved pretty much. Kinda like what you guys did with auction 3. But you still cant hide from the truth.

    Its also funny how people Reroll New accounts to public MMO Boards, to troll me, and if I was truely harassing anyone in SecondLife, sending Threatening IM's to people, BlackMail, Or any of the such. There is a mute button, to keep from hearing people. Second There is a Report abuse button, you can use it. But Be aware that abuse of the abuse feature, espically when there is no proof in SecondLife, or reporting saying someone else is someones alternate account stalking someone can have a negative impact on your Account.

    And Last Thing. Linden Labs has My Real Life ID, I am age verified, Plus they have my Real Life House Address, Ect. Some Content Creator gets stolen from  by me personally, and Linden Labs can tie it back to my account, then Let the creators Lawsuite me, as I will File Counter DMCA Reports, Contact the IC3 Complaint Center, and Much More about the harassment, and Illegal activities of all these groups within the virtual world. Plus if a creator wants to lawsuite me then let it be done. This stuff will just destroy SecondLife if it keeps up, Many content Creators, are ready to Leave SecondLife, People I Know, and People who Trust me Knowing about everything. Lib SL/LSL is not Illegal to use in Second Life, Abusing it to circumevent premissions systems in Second Life is, If you knoingly Do this. OF Course this doesnt mean if the server goes under matiences, and someones object copy mod/ no trans, becomes trans for some reason, and you hand it out, that you violated TOS, However you should respect creators, and inform them if you notice server errors.

    And to make this clear for everyone, There are only 4 Gorean Sims I have offically been banned in. All of these simulators, Admins, or Owners helped cover up Lies, and Allow Content Theft on their sims, Nothing More. This is out of 100+ Gorean estates, and 100-200 or more DCS+ NOR + CCS sims. And Personally I dont care about these estates, they will get what they deserve later for helping them, Karma is bad. I dont even want to be around a botter, or friends of a botter, who Ruins peoples SL Businesses, and as Far as me making Alternate accounts, and sticking them into Groups, Linden Labs can check that really Easily, And I am happy you guys accuse me of this. They will see that I am Clear, and before long start to ignore every report they recieve from you guys. There are a lot of ways to get pictures in SecondLife, that is all I will say.

    Insults below

    Where did you come up with the name GOTH_GIRL? Do you really use the name of the person your trying to troll?

    Where did My friend and I get the name GothGirl, we were playing world of warcraft, when we used the name of LavaGirl, from the movie, we decided it was tool childish, so My friend made GothGirl, I am with my friend Real Life, However this account was created way before she started SecondLife.

    Insulting people based on Gender Real Life isn't too funny, I saw your posts before you erased them from here, of what the google bots had cached.

    And if your going to insult someone on the internet, You have to put a little more effort into it.

  • GOTH_GIRLGOTH_GIRL ParisPosts: 2Member

    This is my last post just cus as all people you are not worth of my time. Here everybody can read what your  intentions was:

    asking a monthly fee to land owners to give your "protection". You invented the "mafia" in SL and people kicked you off. Nah you are the only people staying in your own sim till you will get kicked by Lindens aswell so enjoy still a few time your gothgirl demonia avatar and be ready to get a new one. You will be banned everywhere you go and yo know who is banning you? The same creators you would like to protect, warn from bad people. You are alone. Yu are alone in sl exactly as you are alone in real life. I know you live in a desolate place doing a desolate life trying to bring your desolation to people smiling at you giving you their friendship. You think you are smart you aren't. Nobody calls you, nobody wants your help we are in SL to get the fun, you log just to give a sense to your miserable life.

    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: bah thats fine

    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: i can spoof ip's and shit lol

    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: mac address and computer iD

    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: basically

    [2009/08/25 4:18] GothGirl Demonia: I could use ur computers info

    [2009/08/25 4:18] GothGirl Demonia: hack someones account

    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: its custom made

    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: and dont tell anyone about the shape shit

    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: I dont need people hitting on me to do that

    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: and it would cause me a lot of problems

    Sorry we broke your game take it easy there are a lot of games in internet where you can try to cheat. No more here, not SL and not you.

    P.S. I am going to give Lindens a copy of your program. Yes the SecondLife Professional Edition is free to copy and all must thank you.

    Perhaps I wil give it for free to land owners aswell so you wont be able to crash any people.. Oh no need your crash is no more working. Thats becouse I told Lindens how your program was able to crash people using that gesture :-)

    Bye Bye Gothgirl Demonia living in Alcove

  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

    For the last time Hope Shim, I dont care about your sinceless trolling of me, or any friends I know, or what you think you know. We all Know about your threats Hope, and I Am not running, I am not making an alternate account. I will tell you what will happen.

    The people who sold you the client were Ignorant, They should have never done so, because it was never made for people to abuse, You Choose to abuse SecondLife Pro which you got. We didn't. But as a result to you Comming to my sim, Seeing that they were here, Editing Chatlogs, and Posting them on Public Forums, and Using The account name GOTH_GIRL to troll her it wont work.

    So here is what will happen, You and all your botting accounts will Remain Banned from our SIM Alcove, We dont need you here, we dont want you here. IF I have to we will rename the sim, and ask linden labs to relocate the server, so you guys cant find it if it becomes a harassment issue.

    None of the Stuff on my sim made by Tekk Ixatar has been Copybotted in any way, and I paid him to create my sim. His bans, and shit is none of my concern or none of my business, and it is none of yours.

    Giving the client away that is half broken, Linden Labs patched the Exploits of it and everything already wont do any good, It requires activation key for the public to use lol, and Second They have already developed another one New Name, and New Stuff already that isn't bugged therefore you will not be doing anything to hurt US in any way.

    AS I mentioned before Hope Shim,  LIB SL is not illegal, You Choose to Steal From Emilia Redgrave, You Choose to hack all the merchants you did. We all use it for all the good enhancements it gives us, nothing more. Copybots are Only illegal Used to steal other peoples creations like you did, and at Any time Linedn Labs is free to check my inventory for Copybotted Shit, The only things that they will find is stuff you have given my Redg3 Copybotted Skin, and Stolen Animations from Vista AO's which has your Asset key as the last person to have it. So have fun with your sinceless trolling of me, and Other people who have tried to help SecondLife in so many ways.

    So go ahead, do more propaganda, and Lame lies about me, Have smiggles file abuse reports on Rebecca, my supposed alternate account which is not mine, and everything you please. I trust Linden Labs to do the right thing about all of this.

    P.S Those Chatlogs are Over 4 Months OLD, Linden Labs cannot Look them up in database, Therefore they are not valid. Sorry.


    As for TEKK, I have known him for over a year, he is a good person, he works really hard on a lot of his work, and a lot of scripts and stuff. Even if the project your talking about on these forums ever came out, which he has worked hard on, it would be a blessing I think, as he is a really good scripter, and scripted some very unique stuff. He keeps backups of all his stuff. And as far as charing even 1k a month for  a service that protects content creators, That is nothing. They are simply paying a fee, or a small donation, for the ammount of work he has put into it,  and the server resources he has to use and pay for. So if you all think that this is not right, simply dont use the service if it ever gets out.  BanLink was a failed system, and we all know it, Forgetting to add brackets resulting in server hacking, or exploiting of the service, come on seriously.

    There are a lot of High End C++ Scripters who Know a lot about How Copybots work, and use their own Custom Clients. Look at Moy Loon, and The Emerald Team itself, Does knowing a lot make them hackers, or copybotters. Does this make a person a bad person.  If This were so, then We should go after all the big companies with C++ Coders for knowing about it and using private modified SL viewers, because they are hackers too, or Copybotters. This doesnt make sense. So pretty much Your a hacker for anything these days. Hacker has like 3 definitions itself.

    #1 Hack  With an Axe

    #2 Hacking Computer, Breach of security/Illegal activities.

    #3 Hacks. Modifying Your own Hardware real life, Example Xbox 360, PC, you name it.

    Does this make us bad just because you know nothing about any of this. I honestly do not think so.

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    I can confirm what some others have said about Renoaku.  Take anything Renoaku posts with a massive grain of salt.   Renoaku IS Gothgirl Demonia which is all you need to know.  And "she" bears a personal grudge against all the people named in his posts and has gone out of his way to slander them in every way possible.


    I'd strongly recommend Renoaku for a ban from this site.

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    Please do not necro post in old threads.

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