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Review : Godswar Online

lildarkklildarkk SydneyPosts: 31Member

This is my first review on any game so...yeah


Ok, where should I start, another game by igg. This game is still on Alpha testing and has many crashes from time to time but you can handle it.


Its quite easy to train to a high level since there is a afk training system. You can set skills or add potions on it or just plainly auto attack. The quests are pretty simple, kill number xxx of monster or find npc xxxx. Finding an npc is quite easy since when you click the quest and click the npcs name you automatically walk to that npc.


What you would expect from any other F2P, cartoony and animeish. Pretty basic.

Character Creation

After you create an account and login  you would obviously create a character. When creating a character you get to choose two different factions and what class you want to be. The hairstyle, haircolour face etc.


Warrior - Shield and sword, your average warrior

Champion - Highest damaging class, uses spears

Mage - Just a mage, uses staffs and different elements of magic

Priest - You can use offensive magic and healing


The skill tree is basically full of passive skills that raise hp, accuracy, damage, defence and the usual. If you want to get actual spell or skills you must buy them from a skill person.

Overall I think this is just another game with afk training  I havn't played it much but its going good for an alpha test, you should try it.



  • neschrianeschria Johnstown, PAPosts: 1,405Member Uncommon

     I think I am going to throw my $0.02  and agree that it is basically just another F2P. I am having fun playing it, but my expectations were extremely low.  It's worth a play if you're looking for another f2p to check out, but if you're looking for AAA quality, this isn't it.

    This is where I draw the line: __________________.

  • drasilgamedrasilgame goodnaPosts: 58Member

    Played this awhile bakc and got to level 12 and then left it on overnight and came back and was lvl 50. I see lots of lvl 50's around and since all you need to play this game is to be able to read english not even that, to operate a pc this game actualy makes your brain cells die. It's your typical f2p game really. I did actualy have a little fun pking though but it just didn't require any skill to level.

  • tro44_1tro44_1 washington, DCPosts: 1,819Member


  • lildarkklildarkk SydneyPosts: 31Member

    I made this review when it was in its early testing stages so..this review may not be accurate anymore.

  • Benj4minBenj4min his coolish cookiePosts: 23Member

    Im currently playing this game as well and I find it way too easy to level up. Within an hour I got to level 20 without ever playing it before. The game itself though is enjoyable to a certain extent.

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