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Hostile Space is not worth it

SupaAFCSupaAFC BuckiePosts: 1Member

This is coming from a player who has been playing for roughly the past two years. Sure, I had it good when I started and subsequently subscribed to continue, but I now regret losing every penny to this game. I feel especially sorry for the newer players of today: they simply won't get a chance to enjoy themselves.

Allow me to run through the problems:

1) There are barely any players as it is. You may think there is a sizeable number online, but a hefty chunk of players multi log nowadays and as such log about two/three chars. There is effectively only one clan active and PvP barely happens.

2) The players we do have are assholes. Not all, but a lot of them. We have scammers, foul mouthed arguing regularly on public channels and overall noobs who do not understand the true concepts of playing online games.

3) There are gear and class outbalances in PvP - this is unfair for new players. The so-called "uber" players who possess said items are too scared to demonstrate their "talents" and will not move to more up-to-date gear.

4) You won't boss. The game is run by one clan who themselves are only capable to kill a strong boss by multi logging. There is rarely enough players on outside the clan to kill bosses.

5) PvP does not happen here, and if it does, expect to be gang-raped by multiple players in the mentioned clan.

The biggest problem, however, is the lack of action from Blitz - the maker of the game. He does not ban players who deserve to be and as such more problems arise - at the time of typing there is a player deleting posts and threads on the messageboard, which is a privelidge subscribed players should have. Considering updates, that is a rare occurence, and often only benefits the experienced players (ie, new gear, new boss, whatever). No focus is placed on PvP or trying to crack down on petty behaviour.

So with my review done, the choice is yours. I seriously don't see why somebody would want to waste money on this game for nothing but abuse and scamming.



  • stimulatedstimulated LancsPosts: 15Member

    I enjoy reading reviews like this because it stops me from going through the downloads, learning the game, etc. To find out it is nothing but rubbish.

    It certainly sounds like they have a very bad community so thanks for the heads up. I will not even be trying this.



  • Hellfyre420Hellfyre420 Oakland, CAPosts: 861Member

    I always wonder bout this game.. But yeah, it must be a little fun if you stuck around for 2 yrs!


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