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Can someone explain the game called maplestory too me?

bianca774Ubianca774U Would rather not say, NYPosts: 1Member

Okay so a couple months ago I joined the game called maplestory, I didnt really get it so I stopped playing it, but now I want to give it another try. Can someone explain to me what is the storyline of it is, tips and tricks for the game, and basically how to play the game.

Thank you for your time, Bianca



  • IlliusIllius Toronto, ONPosts: 4,142Member Uncommon

    here, watch this video it's a good place to start

    after that I think you'll quickly grasp the concept.

    No required quests! And if I decide I want to be an assassin-cartographer-dancer-pastry chef who lives only to stalk and kill interior decorators, then that's who I want to be, even if it takes me four years to max all the skills and everyone else thinks I'm freaking nuts. -Madimorga-

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