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Just started back up

spLaggerspLagger Westminster, CAPosts: 130Member

Just started back up. I got an error while updating on their new launcher, [-3012] , if you guys get this, for me I had to turn off my firewall and anti-virus to get the updates to work, then I think after that you can start them back up. Just letting anyone else know about it that runs into this problem.



  • M1nas-z3uM1nas-z3u DevaPosts: 23Member

    dude like what your nick? i like finished the quests and need to to HUV missions/UC and dont have noone 


  • spLaggerspLagger Westminster, CAPosts: 130Member
    I need to reinstall, but my nick is i0wnzU, the O is a zero. I'm lvl 36 only. What level are you?
  • MorningStarGGMorningStarGG Lamar, MOPosts: 394Member Uncommon

    Did they ever add Widescreen support? I need 1680x1050.

    Owner/Admin of - Gaming news and reviews for the godless.

  • spLaggerspLagger Westminster, CAPosts: 130Member

    i think they did, but i can't get the game to work !!!! stupid thing keeps saying failed update and won't work.

  • utterbaverutterbaver GPosts: 51Member Uncommon

    i remember playing drift city about 1 year ago.. i completed the whole story.. and now its not fun anymore xD great game really =O one of my favorite mmos

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