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bata key ond game

StormSwordStormSword athol, MAPosts: 1Member

I have my Bata key I registered but the game says my account is frozen

When I go to use bata key the bottom of my screen says : java void: 0

whats up do I need a different account and new key

whay is my acount frozen



  • egg20001ukegg20001uk BSPosts: 124Member

    Why not send an email to the game creators or even post your problem on their forums? This isn't the official forum for the game so you won't get any account support here.

  • markhill66markhill66 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 26Member

    Hey, it's Mark from Snail Games. Sorry about the account problem you had. I'll PM you a new beta key. Have fun!

  • daeha85daeha85 vancouver, BCPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    can i get a key too please?

  • markhill66markhill66 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 26Member

    There are still beta keys available on this very site? Hit up the "Contests and Special Offers" section on the front page.

  • PezcadinhoPezcadinho ReynosaPosts: 1Member

    Im Pezcadinho in ministry of war  never could lg in it says to me your account has been frozen but dont know why ive cheked my maiol even tried to register agin but cant put that name becuase i already resgister it

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