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LF LS, Figaro Server

alastor44alastor44 St. George, UTPosts: 21Member Uncommon

My brother and I are looking for a LS on the Figaro server. We live on the west coast and have too much time to play until spring college semester starts. We both played FF14 in open beta and know our way around. We are still both unsure what classes will be our main, all we know is that we are bothing going Disciples of War, although I am leaning towards Archer and my brother is leaning towards Gladiator, obviously with multiple crafts/war classes leveled in between. We are both getting CE too, so we will be joining the server wednesday morning. We are both mature players and do not mind swearing, crude jokes, etc. We just want a fun and active LS that actually plays together.

Waiting for:
Diablo 3 Seasonal Ladders
Warlords of Draenor


  • SlixieSlixie Lakewood, WAPosts: 6Member

    Well we are a ls in Figaro, half of our ls is in pre-release right now, while others are waiting for their normal retail copy.

    I'm going to keep this recruitment as short as possible, but we've been gaming together from as much as 7 years to as little as two years. We are casual we all have lives, jobs, families, school, etc. We require vent for all parties and must be 18+


    Here is our website and i hope to hear from you

  • CorresCorres MünchenPosts: 132Member

    one big thing before you start the game: do not rush to find a guild. you WILL leave them in some time (weeks,months etc) just because you will get to know people that you will like to hang around with. Sure you can be in a guild i won't stand in that way but the things you will experience are not only with the people you know from the guild you first came in.


    just wanted to toss that out.

  • tiapherestiapheres elizabeth, NJPosts: 74Member

    If your still looking, I feel we would be a great linkshell for you.

    Fatetaker Voidwalker
    Linkshell founder of Shi Ryu of Aegis & Figaro
    Leader of the Bad Wolves Multi Game Community

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