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Looking for a guild/server

saawmarlahsaawmarlah Scottsdale, AZPosts: 3Member


This is the first time I've done this.. look for a server and guild BEFORE I start playing. Usually I wonder in, play for a while.. and join a guild in that server. And end upleaving because it's not "home"

I'm looking for a permentent home on my adventure through this game.


About me: I'm asian, female, and 31.

I've played Wow, Aion, Everquest 1 & 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, and a bunch of free mmos.

In games I love to craft mostly and I love to quest.. I also like helping others so long there not demanding for help or coin or whatever. "I'm not a carpet, don't walk on my generiousity." Is my motto. And I will never demand anyone to help me either... usually I like the challenge of trying it first about a few good tiems before I actually ask for help.


My working schedule leaves me odd hours.. mostly I can play at evening after dinner. Soem days I maybe able to punch in some afternoon game time. So I'm lookign for aguidl that has some members on durign that time.. isn't fun to log on and see an empty roster. Usually I'm on between 4pm till 10pm.. or later if I am not tired. I live in Arizona.

I'm also looking for a family guild. I don't want to be a lost face in the crowd. I'm more of a casual gamer that takes time in crafting and exploring... but I can also go hardcore leveling if I get carried away in the game play... which this game wont allow anyway. lol

So I hope I find a guild here to call a home. in the meantime.. I'm still downloading the game. lol

so havent even been to character customization yet. hopefully sometime tonight!


ps: I have vent and a mic and I'm not afraid to use it ;) though I can be shy and quiet at times.


  • GenreNinjaGenreNinja Houston, TXPosts: 159Member Common

    I don't have a linkshell or anything, wouldn't mind starting one if needed, but I'm looking for some regular adventuring buddies if you'd like to join me! I'm on Istory Server, names Dihn Sahdi.

    22 Not asian and played ever MMO under the sun!

    I had a "home" like you mentioned in FFXI which dispanded after two years of memorable fun... I'm hope to find that in FFXIV... Anywho good luck in your search and maybe we'll cross paths one day!


    Live a life less ordinary.

  • saawmarlahsaawmarlah Scottsdale, AZPosts: 3Member

    aww i joined besaid server.. i think i spelt that right. lol.


    cross over ;)


    jk still gettign use to the game. still into the intro. lol

  • SlixieSlixie Lakewood, WAPosts: 6Member

    reroll in Figaro imo :D

  • popinjaypopinjay Northeast, PAPosts: 6,539Member

    Before you get entrenched on any server, try FFXIVCore site and check out their server listings or Eorzeapedia.

    You'll get a much better feeling by reading those server forums than just by talking to a few people here.

  • tiapherestiapheres elizabeth, NJPosts: 74Member

    If your still looking, I feel we would be a fitting home.


    Fatetaker Voidwalker
    Linkshell founder of Shi Ryu of Aegis & Figaro
    Leader of the Bad Wolves Multi Game Community

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