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Uncharted Waters Online

gamer2171gamer2171 Las Vegas, NVPosts: 116Member Uncommon

Hey there anyone know if the games is listed under a different name? Or is it just not on yet? I am looking at the official site and was going to see what was said about it here if possiable. Thanks.

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  • DrOrpheusDrOrpheus Corellia, WVPosts: 46Member

    As far as I know there is nothing about it on here. I submited the appropriate information about a week ago, so maybe it's just taking a bit of time for the MMORPG staff to get all the information. Though I honestly don't know how it works.. image

  • NizurNizur Austin, TXPosts: 1,417Member

    I posted about it several days ago too, but haven't seen anything in about it. It looks interesting.

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  • stayontargetstayontarget Tacoma, WAPosts: 6,427Member Uncommon

    Blog post about it, and if you look to the right in the link you can find more blogs about it.....enjoy

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  • candycoatedcandycoated Honolulu, HIPosts: 86Member

    Funny since the game is advertised but not featured hmmm i wounder why??

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