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Amnesia - The Dark Descent (demo now available)

bronecarbronecar onestiPosts: 685Member

If you're unfamiliar with the game, you can check it out here


Enjoy the horror! image


  • candycoatedcandycoated Honolulu, HIPosts: 86Member

    hey its from the guys who made penumbra :)

  • I'm pretty excited. Penumbra was one of the better horror offerings of the last few years. It seems like they've taken everything that made those games good and applied it here. It should be out in a couple days, although I'll have to wait until it gets dark to play it. It's a rule.

  • KirijiKiriji SomewherePosts: 340Member

    I got it, its way scarier than Penumbra, havent been scared by a game for ages. I'm liking it alot so far.


  • vzarneotvzarneot victorville, TNPosts: 39Member

    I picked it up yesterday, was well worth the $$. I wish more companies would make unique games like this. Its alot scarier then penumbra imo, both are great games but this one is awesome!

  • terroniterroni Ya, INPosts: 935Member

    I played the demo, it's damn good. I think the game is what 15 bucks on Steam. Totally worth it, if you

    like that sort of thing.

    Drop the next-gen marketing and people will argue if the game itself has merit.

  • SwaneaSwanea Vegas, NVPosts: 2,366Member Uncommon

    I can't play scary games like this >.< They are too scary.

  • The game so far is very fun and very creepy. One of the things that makes it so frightening is that you have absolutely no way of harming the monsters. When I enter a new room my step is usually forming an escape/hiding plan, just in case (and especially closing doors behind me, to give me just a few seconds to react in case something stumbles upon me) . And there are many times when that pays off. In an age of fancy technology it's nice to see that hiding in a dark closet listening to something nose around the room looking for you with no visual to assist you is still scary.

    I also like the dark/light mechanic. While I'd love to creep around in total darkness like Garrett from Thief, I really can't because I'll go crazy and wind up a gibbering heap on the floor. The resource management between using lamp oil and tinderboxes is pretty neat, although I haven't exactly run dry on either resource yet.

    The puzzles have so far been sensible and logical, solutions that can be reasoned with common sense. Useful items also have a faint blue glow so I haven't been stuck grabbing every object in a room trying to figure out what's an inventory item.

    I also love the little mysteries you enconter in addition to the big question of who you are and why you're doing what you're doing. Discovering what happens to the characters you encounter in journals and recollections is pretty neat, and the game generally propels me forward with a desire for answers. One of my favorite little mysteries is every time you move between areas you get a little blurb of text. In the begining none of it makes any sense, but the farther you go the more you understand the little blurbs.

    I'd definately recommend this for horror or adventure fans. I'm not really sure just how long it is since I haven't beaten it yet, and there's probably not much replay value, but $20 seems very reasonable for what you get with this game.

  • FreeBooteRFreeBooteR Surrey, BCPosts: 333Member
    I am a fan of their Penumbra series. Pre-ordered the linux version of Amnesia, it's a blast. They really have the creepy atmoshpere down pat. Just remember, play in the dark, wear headphones, and keep a diaper handy.

    Archlinux ftw

  • Xero_ChanceXero_Chance Salina, KSPosts: 519Member

    This game isn't scary, it's lame compared to FEAR, Condemned, and Dead Space.
    It looks like something the average 13 year old would find scary.

    It wasn't even worth the time to pirate.

    I guess since I did play it, I'll give it my review.

    Every single time the wind blows or a book falls off the shelf, your camera distorts and something called your "sanity" goes down. When your sanity goes down, your camera wobbles and distorts even more. Being in the dark makes you lose your sanity incredibly fast. Resources are SCARCE (don't even lie about this), you are CONSTANTLY running out of lamp oil and tinderboxes (which is funny because a tinderbox could be used to light several things before running out). They should have made them matches.

    It's not like tinderboxes matter in the game, you light 1 candle and it lights up a bubble of about 3 feet that you can just barely cling to sanity by as your screen wobbles drunkly side to side (it wont ever stop, btw, It'll only delay it from getting worse).

    Lamp Oil is extremely rare, you'll find a bottle once every 30 minutes of playing, and one only fills the thing a little bit, which only lasts for 2 minutes.

    You walk into a room and start having visions, during which you cannot see correctly enough to move into light so the game forces you so stand there wasting your lamp oil while you finish having hallucinations, which usually last for the duration of your lamp oil, causing you to cling to the tiniest shred of "sanity" you have left in a tiny mote of a sunbeam coming through the crack in the wall as you frantically search around the room for a tinderbox or something because there's cockroaches crawling on your damn screen.

    This game is boring anyways, the "monsters" in it are lame, and a book falling off of a shelf isn't scary enough to make me lose 75% of my sanity meter.

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