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Help! I want to find an MMO to play but I can't figure it out!

soritongsoritong Philadelphia, PAPosts: 10Member

So this is my predicament. Basically I'm hankering to play another MMO again since I'm getting increasing frustrated with Starcraft 2. I've played the Final Fantasy XIV beta and its just....boring. Maybe I'm missing something, but it's just not appealing to me. Below are a list of MMOs I've played, and my general thoughts. I may be willing to go back to one of these or I'm open to new suggestions.


Final Fantasy XIV - Bored plus it seems sloppy. 

Final Fantasy XI - Didn't really like it at first, very grindy. The fact that it's low pop and most will be migrating to FFXIV makes it less appealing to me at the moment.

WoW - It's WoW. I've gone back and forth countless times, I always end up quitting the game. 

Warhammer Online - WoW light in a Warhammer setting. Don't get me wrong; it was fun but it just didn't have lasting appeal to me.

DDO - Meh.

Age of Conan - Just plain didn't like it. This one is a big no for me.

Aion - Same as Age of Conan. Seemed sloppy when I played it. 


I'm not looking for a free-to-play at the moment as I feel the quality of a paid product is leaps and bounds higher than a free-to-play. Plus they tend to have a more "mature" playbase considering that *someone* has to pay for it. 




  • harvschmarvharvschmarv Fort Walton Beach, FLPosts: 83Member

    Comparing your list to mine, the one I've spent the most time with you omitted was Eve Online. Older game, but looks great. Very high learning curve. Very deep crafting system. Sandbox. Skill point based. Might check it out - if the Sci Fi thing fits what you might be looking for, you may enjoy it. I no longer play it but not for any particular reason. Just busy.

  • alkrmralkrmr warminster, PAPosts: 236Member Uncommon

    i would just wait for guild wars 2, save your money, looking at your comments i'd ignore the above poster and skip EVE online, you will not like it

  • candycoatedcandycoated Honolulu, HIPosts: 86Member

    Uncharted waters online = unique plus its free so youve got nothing to lose go ahead and try it XD

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