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  • blackthornnblackthornn Member Posts: 524 Uncommon

    I'm in need of a new game and I've never gotten around to trying this one, I hear it's good.

    I'd appreciate a trial pass of some sort so I can give it a shot before I buy it.

    pm me on this forum if you have one to spare.


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  • MonorojoMonorojo San Diego, CAMember Posts: 411 Uncommon

    I could use a buddy or trial key, does anyone have on they could spare by chance?

  • foliusfolius DeLand, FLMember Posts: 2

    I played back with CoP came out but left for *cringe* WoW.... I want to make a comeback but need a key to get me going. If anyone could PM me one I would <3 you long time! =)

  • EpedemicEpedemic Trenton, NJMember Posts: 2

    I'd like to request a buddy pass if anyone is kind enough to spare one. Thanks!


  • kilunkilun Apopka, FLMember Posts: 714 Uncommon

    I would love a trial key as well if someone could spare one.  Thanks very much.

  • horseraddishinfinityhorseraddishinfinity k, VAMember Posts: 32

    Any trial keys available? Eager to try this game out.

  • KusigaKusiga Orlando, FLMember Posts: 48 Uncommon

    Would love a buddy pass please,

  • HarutoHaruto St. Petersburg, FLMember Posts: 175

    Interested in getting a trial key as well. Planning on buying the game again in a few weeks, and having some trial time to see hw the servers are looking would make it much easier to know where to try to start back up again. Really want to try and get into a server with a decent lower end population still, if one even still exists.

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  • AzNxEclipseAzNxEclipse vancouver, BCMember Posts: 4

    I would love a spare trial key =)

    send me an email at aznxeclipse@hotmail dot com

  • XcessiveXcessive exeterMember Posts: 1

    Hey if anyone has a trial key that'd be awesome. :D I'd love to try this game out before FF14 comes out. :)

  • chewwy1chewwy1 brooksville, FLMember Posts: 3

    looking for trial or buddy key

  • ViggarioViggario Member Posts: 41 Uncommon

    Looking for a trial key please

  • mzshaunmzshaun dallas, TXMember Posts: 6

    yes im looking for a trial/buddy key as well..if anyone has one that would be great. ty in

  • dougmysticeydougmysticey Pflugerville, TXMember Posts: 1,176

    Would love a buddy key. Please PM me with one and thank you!


  • burdock2burdock2 CanberraMember Posts: 420 Uncommon

    Could I please be sent a trial/buddy key also?  I would really appreciate it!


    Many thanks in advance!

  • ValkyrieValkyrie Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 183 Uncommon

    I would like a trial key too please.

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  • ViggarioViggario Member Posts: 41 Uncommon

    Still looking for a key to try out the game. Would really appriciate it.


    Thank you.

  • eltgmoneyeltgmoney La Mesa, CAMember Posts: 48 Uncommon

    looking for a trial key as well...please send me one in PM if you have a spare one...thx

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  • dougmysticeydougmysticey Pflugerville, TXMember Posts: 1,176

    Still looking for a beta key here. Would be much appreciated if someone had one. Please PM me.



  • lovechiefslovechiefs GRAPEVINE, TXMember Posts: 157 Uncommon

    Are those keys working for returning players?

  • popalxpopalx BucharestMember Posts: 89 Uncommon

    Can anyone send me a trail key ?

    I am looking to trying this game for a long time.

    I'm a member of Coloholics Anonymous.

  • raylone13raylone13 henderson, NVMember Posts: 27

    if anyone has a spare pass image

  • KevorKevor Norcross, GAMember Posts: 17

    I would also love to try out FFXI.. Looking to relive my old Everquest days in the MMO world.. If anyone has a spare buddy key please sent it to Thanks!

  • lekizlekiz Omaha, NEMember Posts: 171

    If anyone has a spare one laying around, I'd like to get in one that. I played back in early 2005, and want to come back with a fresh start. Please PM me.


  • MeLvIsMeLvIs Gainesville, FLMember Posts: 8

    anybody willing to share a buddy key? thx

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