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Interior Decorating

MerqatylMerqatyl Portland, ORPosts: 8Member



There are several tricks that one can utilize in helping with their interior decorating endevors.  The following are a few things that can help others as they helped me.  In addition, feel free to add your trick and tip that you learned through your experience with Onverse:


Telescope:  1 Space Aged Stool + 1 Fancy Trash Can (I think these are correct, I have one at my house and Timber has one at hers as well, for anyone who wishes to see what they look like.  I will also post a picture of what they look like in a day or so.)

Potrack:  4 or 5 shadeless lamps suspended from the ceiling pointing down.  Add one Space Aged Bookcase, or any other kind of bookcase you wish.  I needed the black to go with my kitchen.   Move the Bookcase up so it looks like its being held up by the lamps.  a great effect to a rather stark ceiling of the penthouse.  The ceilings in Onverse are so high, that there needs something to give them character, instead of recessed lights.

Stove Hood:  Katz actually clued me in on this one.  She mentioned using the modern wall lamps and turning them around and putting them n a cupboard.  I went one further by inserting a modern cabinet inside my red cabinets, and have a little showing down underneath the red cabinets.  This gives the effect that the vent is behind the lights from the modern wall lamps.


Well, these are just a couple of ideas.....What ideas do you have?  We'd love to hear them.


Thank you for your time and consideration.





  • PlutoNumber9PlutoNumber9 Tracy, CAPosts: 12Member

    I really need to start building stuff out of items lol... The thing that I can think of where I combined two items was using one of those hot apple pies to make smoke, and putting it in an electronic item. This gives the effect that the item is overheating lol. Unfortunately I wasn't able to fit it in a toaster, so I just put it sideways in a microwave :) Beware when you enter my kitchen!!

  • etan-chamareetan-chamare denver, COPosts: 4Member

    i have a laser at my house and some random spiky ball


  • MerqatylMerqatyl Portland, ORPosts: 8Member


    How did you make the laser, was it a combination of individual objects you used for the July "Rate My Crib" Contest, or was it a special item that you were able to get, and how does it fit with the rest of your design.  (Screen shot would be nice as well ;) )


  • MerqatylMerqatyl Portland, ORPosts: 8Member



    A few other additional things that I was able to do was to make bar tables for the Tuscan Bar Stools.  As we know the tables are too low for the Tuscan Bar Stools, so I used two of the Modern Round Tables.   I set the first table at the proper height for the stools, and use my character to establish proper dimensions.  Then I set the second table recessed in the floor upside down, so the bottom small round sections touch, providing a foot rest for the character.  It looks nice, I will get these screen shots posted tomorrow after work.



  • MerqatylMerqatyl Portland, ORPosts: 8Member



    Guide Jennie started a new contest, that I was engrossed with last week, so my postings were scant at best.  It is Super PP Saturdays, and instead of using this thread to simply list items made, I will be posting what I'm doing with the items in Onverse with respect to this contest.  I did win the last month, but unfortunately this idea just hit me last night, when I cleared out my house, so next friday I will make the post with screenshots about this week's theme......Crazy Carz.



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