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Favorite Site of Exploration

PlutoNumber9PlutoNumber9 Tracy, CAPosts: 12Member


In Onverse, there are vast worlds with secrets just waiting to be discovered... If you've ever played Onverse then you would encounter some of these, whether just plain interesting or breath-taking. Now here's the place to share what world you find to be your favorite, and describe some of the things you've come across that stick out in your mind when you think about it.



Personally, even though it's just been released, I was fascinated by the Sol Estates of Ancient Moon. While my first time to explore it wasn't very successful due to my computer lagging, I plan to go back and fully immerse myself into it. And with the estates on this world, you'll often find some insanely creative homes!



  • etan-chamareetan-chamare denver, COPosts: 4Member

    the coolest place ive been to is the big temple in sol estates i love how its empty lol


  • PlutoNumber9PlutoNumber9 Tracy, CAPosts: 12Member

    Yeah that was fun the first day when I got there :) For some reason it reminds me of a dance club, although I have no idea why...

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