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For New players

RiskyNightRiskyNight TrelleborgPosts: 6Member


I have been playing this game for about 5 months now, im ESL first place and am the leader of one of the best only sword clans. Im going to introduce you to this game since I know that this game doesnt show its sweet side until a few weeks into the game. I also know that when I search for a new game to play I will always have some questions. I will try to answer as many of them as possible.


First off, what makes this game great/different from other 3rd person shooters? S4 League is very unique due to it having a very different take on the capture the flag system. It takes the system and adds it to a sport game like soccer.  The goal is to score a Touchdown and defend your own goal like in soccer. (Of course there is Deathmatch and other modes too). Another great feature is that besides shooting weapons, there are also sword weapons which all have their own advantages and disadvantages. In a Gun game all weapons are allowed, there is also a only sword mode which gets very intense later on.

This game is also very skill based. All gear can be statted, but those stats just gives you a minor boost which wont make you overpowered or unbeatable. There is also a system that if your teams score is 3 or more behind the other team, their stats will get boosted which is very good for newcomers.

One of the big disadvantages this game has is that it does not appeal to newcomes at first since at first your maps/cloths are very limited. Besides that it is very hard to hit the target if you do not get used to it. After a while when you know how all weapons work it will get much easier to kill and dodge attacks.

This game may seem weird at first, but if you give it a shot, you might learn to love this game like me :).


This Game is worth a shot just because it is a very unique take on a 3rd person shooter.


If you are too lazy to read the whole thing, just read this to summerise:

+Unique Touchdown system

+Dribbling,Defending,Tanking, Striking or just taking people out is satisfying

+A lot of outfits,weapons,maps

+Most of the Cash shop items are buyable with ingame currency

+Its based mostly on Skill

+Many Jump Tricks

+Unique Graphic style

-Little Character Costomization at the start

-A big chunk of the community are kiddies that dont like to lose

-Lag can ruin a match

-Levelling Takes Forever and is totally pointless(You do not get any bonuses but you do unlock new costumes)


If you do have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Download the game at:

if you need help check out the support forums on the website, most of the questions are already answered there.





  • shelly94shelly94 ViennaPosts: 11Member

    Best game ever!

    Luv it! :D

  • jmarquez_99jmarquez_99 tucson, AZPosts: 1Member

    I didnt think much of this game, then on a whim I gave it a try. I'm torn between happy and sad I did, because this game is like a drug to me, I'm addicted and spend a lot of time on it because it's so much fun!!

    This game reminds me of Unreal tournament: if you had a blast playing UT, you'll absolutely love this game.

    The only thing I don't like is how laggers become "invincible" instead of vulnerable. You can't kill a lagger and can waste a lot of time/energy trying to kill one. And I've seen people use this tactic, lagging on purpose when vulnerable then dropping out of lag state once they have a good position and killing the honest players. Yes I've seen forum topics on how to lag....its ridiculous

    Still, this game rocks!

  • darkb457darkb457 Edmonton, ABPosts: 47Member Common

    Eh it's not so great, in my experience, then again all I could do was embarrass myself. Kind of ruins the game

  • shelly94shelly94 ViennaPosts: 11Member

    nah..if its lagger I always use bat against them,its very effective with the bat jump attack.

  • VashSamaVashSama Ardmore, ALPosts: 2Member


    No offense Knight  but I'm not too sure I believe you. If you're really one of the sword masters on S4 then I should know you. My name in S4 is the same as here,VashSama,and I'm in league w/ a good bit of the melee pro community on S4 i.e. Muvvy,Kenny,SexyJessie,Braver,Mizuren,Igna,Hizu,Hika,Pr0active,Reirin,Reaper,Red,and Meta just to name a few. So I would love to know who you are. Appreciate your swift response.

    P.S. I swear to god if you say TheFatal is pro I will thwap you from halfway across the world lol

  • spicexspicex Chigaco, ILPosts: 14Member

    I don't want to be trolling or so but ... i played for like 5 mins and met ...well , 3 hackers ...

    Great ! X-Trap just owns!

  • DaitenguDaitengu Wichita, KSPosts: 442Member

    Other than the hackers, the game is pretty damn fun.  Wish there was a report button or ban button to use against the hackers.

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