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Promotion Code for New EU Players

Hey all,

I saw that there weren't any EU Promotion codes,

so that's why I'm sharing this code for new players =]


(You can enter this Promotion Code (Induction ID) when you make a new character(top left) you'll get a set of blue gear at level 1 to easily make ur way to level 30.)

Have fun & see you soon!

Greets Hereafter



  • PlayerBOIPlayerBOI BudapestPosts: 3Member

    Hi all!

    I very love this game, and I too playing Erope server (Aquarius) ID: 6510191G090202068001920S3fdfb2

    Have a nice day all!

    Battle of the Immortals VIP ID: 6510191G090202068001920S3fdfb2 By using this ID (Aquarius server), you get VIP package.

  • tranceamtranceam istanbulPosts: 37Member

    hey guys,

    You can use the following VIP Code ( induction ID )  that will start you off with better gears , items and bonuses.

    You will also get a free pet at level 20.


    SERVER :  Aquarius ( EU )


    you can use the code as many times as you like

    just copy and paste (ctrl+c and ctrl+v) the code in the upper left corner of the character creation screen.

  • Lervin92Lervin92 PilaPosts: 2Member

    New EU server (GEMINI) just started so here is Promotion Code for you guys : 5010147G070406085006000S3f1fb2


    If u have any questions ask me in game on: Lervex

  • He92He92 CopenhagenPosts: 2Member

    Here's another code for the new European server, Gemini.


    Add me in game: HermitHero

    Come join the fun! xD 

  • SnizhSnizh Berlin, INPosts: 4Member

    Hi! if you want a complete SET for lvl 1, you must type in this vip code! (also you get 2 free pets and a mount):



    ONLY FOR EU Gemini server.

  • NaowutNaowut GroningenPosts: 662Member Uncommon

    Enter this ID if you create a? character on gemini EU. it will give you ALOT of items.

    ID: 2180181G000401069006320Sbfb1fe

    Including a armor set you can use from lvl1 untill like lvl50. A rare random pet. Double XP items and fasion gear.

  • MandaloriusMandalorius TartuPosts: 2Member



    Code for gemini server.

    Get a nice armor set and make your lvling fast.

  • DoubleTeam91DoubleTeam91 GlaPosts: 2Member

    Enter this code: 8100121G060003013008864S3fb1fb


    -2x Pets, Coins, Armor (Lvl 1-40) and Gifts every 5 levels...


    SERVER: Aquarius

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