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Permafrost -

ozerinxozerinx Irvine, CAPosts: 200Member Uncommon

My friend just came back from a long break, we decided to roll a Wizard/Warden, so if anyone else want to join us we will be more than happy to take you guys :D. We are pacific time zone, usually play after 6-7pm weekdays and weekends any time we have free. We are not trying to grind pass all the content, we will be questing but mainly dungeon running since we both enjoy that part of the game more. When we play without each other we will be locking adventure exp to do AAs/harvest etc.

My character name is Chrollo on Permafrost if interested leave a tell here with name or message me in game :D


- quick update -

we are both lvl 16 with 25+ AAs, Got a few guild member that like to tag along when we do dungeon runs too so give me a shout if interested. I think after monday we will be grinding to 20 n then locking AAs once again.

Also, if needed I could provide recurit a friend link for the 200% exp.


  • dagon3dagon3 mokalakaPosts: 117Member

    Hey i just made a new character on butcherblock if you 2 dont mind re rolling as long as your not to high up there in lvl or even make alts and go to butcherblock server ill join you i also just joined a new guild that is only lvl 34 , they have a T1 guild hall and everyone in there is over 18 and mature. They help out alot if you need it and there still pretty small but now is a good time to get in there and make your mark , im a conjuror lvl 25 the name is Krytarius.. Hopefully you 2 wont mind re rolling i would go to permafrost  server but im already 25..and in a guild ..let me know..

  • ozerinxozerinx Irvine, CAPosts: 200Member Uncommon

    ah uhm I have a main here im just rerolling a main lol. thx for offer though :D I am still in the guild from before i left lol.

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