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how the game

thelawoflogicthelawoflogic mars, FLPosts: 750Member Uncommon

are there places to explore?


  • rmasonrmason bolivar, OHPosts: 140Member

    ive been playing the game since about christmas. one of the few F2P games that i have actually stuck with for an extended period of time.


    it is pretty good in my opinion. lots of areas to explore/level in. almost every creature can be caught and made into an attack pet or buff pet. the classes are pretty fun as well.


    there is also an expansion in the works that will increase the size of the world and possibly give a new race and class. leveling goes pretty quickly if you just stick to your trial and training quests.

    has a pretty solid player base on either server.

    most people are pretty friendly and there are a lot of new player alliances that will help answer your questions.

  • AeroangelAeroangel Atlanta, GAPosts: 493Member Uncommon

    I didn't play very far into it, but it seems like it would be hard to actually explore anything when the game holds your hand taking you from the quest takers to the places where you do the quest and blah blah. But I mean you could run around and see stuff >.> 

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