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My Review of Florensia.

dknight784dknight784 Highland, CAPosts: 44Member

I've been playing Florensia for awhile now and I thought I would just share some of my 'humble' opinions about the game.


Pros and Cons of Florensia:(I'll go more "in-depth" on some of these.)



- It is indefinitely free to play

- Unique sea combat system

- Item Mall/ Cash Shop does NOT unbalance gameplay

- Friendly community

- Beautiful Graphics

- Found  absolutely NO bots/spammers etc in starting areas or anywhere for that matter



- Repetitive Quests and also lack of quests

- Grind becomes almost unbearable at later levels

- Having a sea level and a land level seperate was a bad idea

- Uses Stat Points

- Still has many lag issues, glitches etc

- Lack of skills and spells

- Traveling on the sea is terrible on early sea levels

- Controls take awhile to get used to



In-depth on some points(Before you flame me on some of the points above read below):


Sea combat system:

Fighting on the sea in Florensia can actually be fun..sometimes I actually feel like just staying on the sea all day and forgeting that I have to fight on land as well XD. The great part about this is, it doesn't matter what class you are, healer, tank etc you can create any type of ship you want. Theres different types of ships each with its own special attack. Each ship has something different about it, some move faster but have less health, etc. If you don't like how your ship is made feel free to start it over from scratch and try a different ship to your liking.


Repetitive Quests:


Well if you were thinking were probly correct. Most of the quests are kill X monsters, collect X items. For the majority this is what the quests in Florensia tend to be. Occasionally you do get and escort quest, party quests, boss quests, and some simple traveling quests where you must go from 1 npc to another. A really bad part about this is...the quests aren't linear and by that I mean..For example there are quests that will frustrate you because they require you to fight weaker monsters that you should have already fought as a quest many levels ago. On the positive side, quests give decent amount of EXP and Gelt ( Florensia's in-game currancy) some quests occasionally even give a good weapon or armour piece.



Stat Points:


Ok I know stat points are old school and alot of veteran RPG fans or MMORPG fans alike are used to doing this .but I'm not a fan of it personally I don't like this same old boring system. And I mean just stat points I have no problems with skill points ( for spells/skills) and/or talents points. I think it's pointless because you always have to aim for some kind of "build" like for a warrior class you always put a certain points in "strength" and other points in HP or "Constitution" . What I'm trying to say is that it's always the same thing with stat points I would rather prefer that you get auto stats or something similar to WoW, GW, Neosteam, Godwars Online , etc.


Lack of Skills and Spells:


When you play a normal MMORPG whether it be a F2P or P2P it doesn't matter what class you pick theres always an abundant number of spells for your use. Theres just not enough skills for just one class. I mean the skill tree in Florensia isn't much to start with but at around level 40 you choose your secondary class. Example a Saint class has the choice to go either Shaman or Priest. From the skill tree theres only about 5-6 skills for each class each. Some you won't use with certain builds like if you plan to be an AoE type of person your not going to spend precious skill points on a skills thats for PvP 1v1. All sea skills are also the same and you cannot mix any land/ sea spells when your on land and vice versa.


Sea Travel:


Sea travel is very slow at early levels, you might want to find yourself some good traveling music because it takes long just to reach a nearby island. No matter what ship you start with, your not getting there fast. Luckily the quests for early sea levels are just outside the dock and should last you until you upgrade your ship with better parts.


Mysteries of Florensia:(Will be updated!)

-Nobody knows the level cap for Florensia, mainly because nobody has reached it so for all we could know the level cap could be 29352587( not likely but you get the idea). Sea level cap is also a mystery.




Florensia was a great start for a new MMO. Of course it has its own problems ,but what MMO game doesn't? Florensia can be fun especially when you bring some friends along. The sea combat is very well done, it can be fun and even watching some SvS (Ship Vs Ship) can be entertaining. It can't hurt to try Florensia it might end up liking it..hell even spend a couple bucks on the cash shop while your at it..,but you could end up hating it. I'd have to give it a 3 out of 5.


(I'll edit it later for changes if need be.)






  • BainrowBainrow tiverton, RIPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    Nice review....great job!

  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,089Member Uncommon

    played for cople of hours, and ended up holding for 8 hours in total before i uninstall it

    well, the graphic and all is nice, the UI is neat, but as everyone on this topic have said, this MMO is not offering any new dimension in their gameplay


    especially if you are from WoW, this is like another WoW but let say it's the kiddie version

    So What Now?

  • SpawgnSpawgn YokohamaPosts: 1Member

    well for my experience playing this game, yeah they are right it has a nice graphics, neat UI, and really fun to play with. but yeah, it has a lack of spells/skills to choose from. but still good for me, i think it really depends on you if you give it a try. its free anyway. and i hope this game improves in the future too. by the way, this game has now an upcoming update which will allow players to participate in a guild war. and from what i have read, this game will have a pet system soon too in that update.


    so for my score to this game, i will give it 3.5 out of 5. ;)

  • Schutzy121Schutzy121 none, PAPosts: 58Member

    Companies like WoW have a lot of intelligence because everybody knows Florensia is free to play right? Since it's free to play they're not gonna give you the best mmo game ever because they need the money to add on stuff to the game for better gameplay.


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