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Ew... first? :P

ryuga81ryuga81 AnconaPosts: 351Member Uncommon

So, how is this game? Looks pretty much like a standard f2p game with very few options and stuff... i'm downloading atm, i'll give it a try (i like pet training games) :)



  • NueshaNuesha Miramichi, NBPosts: 41Member

    I played beta on this game, It's very boring and repetitive.

    Hard to catch digimon, no real skill to doing it. It's pure luck :

    Partying is almost useless as you can easilly lose your party members in the croud (no way to see them on the mini map).


    I was totally psyched for this game until I played it e_e

  • WithdemonWithdemon Lost, CAPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    It's really-really boring,

    You do not really get to interact with many of the players around, for one most of them either don't speak English or just do not know how to use the chat options. Crazy thing is that you can't even use "shout" or "world chat" till like the almost-max level and it gets pretty tough to level at higher levels.

    Party system is weak and blah, you'd better of having all 4 of your own digimon than having to party up with players that are just clueless. There are not that many players and you don't get to socialize at all, you don't even do that many quests, you just level and level. The only way to level-up would be killing these monsters and getting low EXP.

    I think in time this game might be better but right now there is really nothing to play for.


  • Originally posted by Withdemon

    Crazy thing is that you can't even use "shout" or "world chat" till like the almost-max level and it gets pretty tough to level at higher levels. can use shout and world chat at level 41, and I know the max-level is at least 80. Frankly I wouldn't listen to these people, besides the weakness on graphics the gameplay is actually pretty fun if you play past level 21 or 31, which is easily managed in a day or two with barely any play time.

    When up there with others in your party against bosses you have to manage which digimon has what skills, who has what cards, and timing the skills so that you don't waste VP in the battle. Also it's not bad that you can catch any of the digimon you can battle which are usually a lot stronger than the base three. If you just sit there and try to catch things I guess it would take awhile.......but the point is to catch and battle and eventually through the game you'll catch one or two.

    And REALLY, you can hit Z and see where your party members are on the area map which lays transparent so you can still even move.........Did you people even play this game?

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